Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29, 2016 (Tunkwa Lake Campground, Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park, Logan Lake, BC)

Saturday morning I woke just before 6:00 to sun shining in my bedroom window obviously faces east! With all of the ugly clouds and rain and hail storms yesterday, sunshine in my eyes was quite welcome. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. It was also cold, with fresh snow in the surrounding hills and our thermometer registered 1.9C/35F outside and 11C/52F inside...brr. I got up, put the coffee on and turned up the heater...and jumped back into bed until it warmed up a bit.

With no internet, we sat with our coffee and at 7:00 Steve turned on the TV so we could watch our morning news. We actually ended up getting out for a morning walk around the campground before 8:00! We were bundled up...not only was it cold out but the wind made it even worse.

The waterfall from Tunkwa Lake (visible on the left) into Leighton Lake. These are man made lakes and are in the top ten for fishing lakes in BC...
 That's the day-use area...left centre...
 Quite the "camping car"...don't know what it is (but it's old)...
 Lots of geese wander around the park (leaving their markings as they go)....
 After our walk, we had breakfast, did the dishes and while I was finishing up inside, Steve went out to take the bikes off the back of the trailer. With that done, he continued on with some other chores and I decided to walk down to see Tucker. Sue had said that he was tied up in the compound. Of course, I took a couple of cookies for him and then we went for a walk around the campground. He seemed really glad to see me...was it me or was it the cookies? LOL!

By this time, you could see a low bank of clouds moving in over the hills on the other side of the lake...better get home before it starts pouring out! Steve had come down and joined me on the walk back.

We spent the rest of the day hunkered down inside out of the rain and wind. Steve read...and snoozed, while I did some crocheting and started writing this blog.

Shortly after 5:00, the worker-bees, Doug and Sue, arrived for a nice visit and dinner. It was so great catching up with them...
A beautiful sunset to end a very cool, rainy day...

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday...another cold, rainy day. We did manage to get out for a bit of a bike ride in the morning but with dark clouds rolling in over the lake, we made it short and headed home.

We warmed up by the heater for a couple of hours and then decided to take a drive into Logan Lake. I had been unsuccessful making a phone call to Chris (our son) using the pay phone here in the park and since we were planning on heading back down to the lower mainland tomorrow, we wanted to give him some warning that they would be having house guests for a night or two. Steve also had a propane tank he wanted filled, so he loaded it into the truck and we headed off just before noon.

Just as we arrived in Logan Lake, it started to pour out, so we decided to go to the local hotel and have a cup of coffee in their cafe...and catch up on the goings on since we had been without internet for the past couple of days.

With that done, we headed off to get propane. While Steve took care of that, I called Chris to let him know we would be coming back down to the coast. Thanks for putting us up, Chris and Angela...we will see you tomorrow afternoon!

We headed back to the lake and spent the rest of the afternoon hunkered down in the trailer with the heater going. Steve even managed to finish a, he read a book in two days! Not much to do on cool rainy days but sit in front of a heater and read!

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  1. its you that he is happy to see..cookies or not!!
    hope the weather improves soon!!