Monday to Thursday, May 23 to 26, 2016 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Monday was a dreary, cloudy day with the threat of rain. After our usual start to the day, Steve went out to cross another item off his "to-do" list...wash the bicycle rack. While he was doing that, I cleaned up inside and worked on our blog.

We were both finished our chores by late morning and decided to hunker down inside...although it hadn't really started to rain, it was misting a bit. I sent Chris a text inviting he and Angela out for a visit and dinner if they didn't have any other plans.

They arrived shortly after 3:00 and since it wasn't raining, we decided to get out for a walk...we headed down the park trail to Tavistock Point...

When we got back, it still wasn't raining, so Steve pulled out the Campfire-in-a-Can and we enjoyed a bevie outside...
Steve grilled burgers for dinner and then shortly after 7:30, it was time for Chris and Angela to head home. So nice that we were able to squeeze in one last visit with them.

Tuesday was a major shopping day...time to get stocked up before we leave Friday. Our first stop was Costco...we were there as they opened their doors and joined a huge crowd funneling their way in. What a zoo that place was! With that out of the way, we made our way to Save-On-Foods...then Walmart...and were home just before 1:00...whew, glad that was over with!

After putting the groceries away, we had a quick lunch...and then it was time to go to my ultrasound appointment. That didn't take long and we were soon on our way to run a couple of other errands and then home.

Steve dropped me off in Fort Langley...I made a stop at the pharmacy and the post office and was home shortly before 4:00. We really do love Fort Langley, it's such a cute little town and it's so handy being within walking distance from amenities.

When I got home, Steve had just finished washing the boat and was about to flush the fresh water tank...getting a couple more things crossed off his list. I puttered around a bit and then we sat enjoying a bevie...which, based on the forecast, would likely be our last chance to sit outside before leaving in a few days.

Wednesday morning we were up early. After coffee, showering and a quick breakfast, Steve was off to LoadIt Industries shortly after 7:30 for his 8 a.m. appointment. He needed a couple of more roller sleeves and assistance in replacing the front ones. At about 8:15 Glen was a no show so Steve called him. He's a one man show and a really nice guy but this was the second time over the years that he has forgotten our appointments. He apologized and finally showed up at 8:40 so they eventually got everything completed.

About an hour later, I finally got out of my chair and decided it was time to get ready to face the day. Mind you, I didn't really have a lot planned...just some odds and ends.

It was going on 11:30 by the time Steve got home. In addition to getting the boat loader dealt with, he had also stopped for a hair cut. We immediately got to a few chores...dismantling camp. We folded the outside mat and while Steve was putting it away, I collected all of the solar lights and cleaned them. Next, Steve put away the rope lights that had been strung under the trailer, outlining it...while I made lunch.

After lunch, Steve headed off take the truck back to Gold Key Isuzu to have the old exhaust brake re-installed. I decided to stay home...doing some banking and recording some expenses from our shopping trip yesterday. Once finished that, I went for a walk into town. It had turned out to be quite a nice day with lots of sunshine...I wasn't expecting it to be quite that nice out!

I was gone for about an hour or so and when I got home, I changed into shorts and sat outside. I was beginning to wonder if Steve was ever going to get home when he finally was 4:10, he had a couple of errands and would be home.

A half hour later, he pulled in...with good news and bad news...Gold Key was crediting our charge card with over $1300 (cost of the exhaust brake and labour) but the squealing issue had not been resolved, so the saga will continue when we return in September.

We sat enjoying a bevie outside while he told me about his afternoon...and then we had another chore to take care of....load the boat back onto the truck. With rain in the forecast for tomorrow, we wanted to get as much of the outside pack up done as we could today.

Thursday morning the rain started at about much for getting out for a bike ride. It hadn't been forecast to start until this afternoon...oh well, I got started on four loads of laundry instead. While I did that, Steve settled in his chair...watching "his"shows on TV.

I had been trying to get in the touch with my doctor's office...I was told that he would have the results of the additional mammogram and the ultrasound yesterday. Since we are leaving tomorrow, I really wanted to find out the results. Finally, I got through to the doctor's office. The doctor is in his Abbotsford office today and I was able to get in this afternoon at 1:45.

So after the laundry was done, we headed out to Abbotsford. We had a bit of a wait, but seeing the doctor (and it wasn't even our doctor) took all of maybe 2 minutes...results show no abnormality however another mammogram in 6 months is recommended. Whew! That is a load off our minds!! Why can't they just make a phone call when test results are good. Now the only thing "hanging over our heads" is Steve's heart issue...however, he doesn't expect any contact from the doctor's office until an appointment for the special test in a few months. So we will just carry on normally for now.

Since we were out in Abbotsford where gas and diesel prices tend to be a little lower, we stopped and filled up with diesel and we also filled up all of our gas preparation for heading out tomorrow morning. Great having that done instead of having to stop along the way when we are towing. One last chore was to fill our BBQ  propane tank at the campground.

Once home, I went inside and finished my chores...made the bed with the clean sheets, and then vacuumed. Whiled I was doing that, Steve was outside finishing his pack up...bikes on the rack; chairs, barbecue and table put away; awning tie-downs put away and awning up, etc.

With our chores was time to relax. We leave tomorrow morning for Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park where our friends (and co-workers from last summer), Doug and Sue, are working. Looking forward to seeing and "harassing" them as they work, LOL! The only downside is that there is no cell or internet service up there. So we will be "off the grid" for a month except for the occasional trip into Logan Lake. We might have to visit the local cafe to work on our blog like we did two years ago when we were in the area. Until then...stay tuned...


  1. drive safely!! see you both this afternoon..wish we could make sure you have nice weather when you arrive but things aren't looking so great's a balmy 2.9 celcius this morning with snow on the mountain behind us and the lake is not visible!..maybe next week it will be sunny!!
    Tucker wil be 'waiting for his cookies'!!

  2. Brrrr....that's okay, we'll bring the sunshine with us!

  3. Drive safe! It was nice that you were able to stay there for the extra time before you headed to Tunkwa.