Friday, May 20, 2016 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Friday morning we left shortly after 9:00 to make our way into Langley to Valley Medical Imaging for my 9:45 appointment. Once in the x-ray room, the technician had an image of my right breast up on a large monitor, with the area in question circled. She explained that this is the area that the radiologist wanted more images of, so this is the area she would be concentrating on. After some painful squishes...that I had to "grin and bear" in order to get the best possible shots. All I can say is OUCH!

After she took a number of images, she asked me to go back to the change room, but not to get dressed until given the okay. I waited in the small cubicle and a few minutes later, she returned telling me I could get dressed, however, there was definitely something there that wasn't there before so I would have to return next week...for an ultrasound. Of course, Monday is a holiday...thankfully, she was able to fit me in Tuesday afternoon.

Now...what I did not include in my blog last summer while working at Monck Provincial Park was that I discovered a lump in my right breast. After some humming and hawing about it, we drove into Kamloops on one of our days off and I saw a doctor who made a referral to the Kamloops Hospital to have a mammogram. On another day off about a month later, I had a mammogram and ultrasound. The results showed that the "site of the palpable concern demonstrates no abnormality". I did discuss with my doctor last September before heading south and he said to "just keep an eye on it and have another mammogram in the spring". By the way, he could feel it too. Now, this year, after getting a notice that I was due for a routine Screening Mammogram (every 2 years)...something is found. Perhaps it will turn out to just be a fibrous cyst...but still, I must admit it is worrisome.

Next on the agenda was a quick stop back at the Skechers Outlet store. After walking around in the trailer last night with the pair of 'Go-Walk' shoes on, I decided that I should have gotten a bit bigger size...the exchange was no problem; what took time was waiting in line to process the exchange!

After playing telephone tag with Gold Key Isuzu, Steve decided to stop in since it was close by. The outcome...they have to order in gaskets (why don't they stock them? Seems odd that they had a new exhaust brake in stock but no gaskets!) which won't arrive until late Tuesday morning (again, Monday is a holiday...sheesh!). We need the truck for my appointment Tuesday afternoon, and since Steve has already made an appointment Wednesday morning to take the truck in to the boat loader guy (needs new roller sleeves), we will drop the truck off Wednesday afternoon to have our old exhaust brake re-installed. We are running out of time to get this "squeal issue" resolved on this stay in the area...looks like the saga will likely have to continue next September when we return. Will it ever get resolved???

We headed home, had lunch and then Steve swept out the truck box in preparation for picking up our quads. While he did that, I went on line and paid a small amount that Steve owed on his income tax...a little tough after usually getting money back, but I received a good refund and what he owed was under a $100.

Around 2:00 we decided to head out to Abbotsford to pick the quads up. They hadn't called yet but we expected them to be ready by 3:00. Well, as we crossed the over-pass before heading onto the on-ramp for the freeway we managed to get a look at the traffic...and it was backed up as far east as we could see. Oh right...this is Friday afternoon before the May long weekend, the start of the camping season! And everyone was getting "outta dodge!" Oops! So, instead of getting in the backed up traffic on Highway 1, we decided to carry on to the Fraser Highway. It wasn't all that much better but at least it seemed to move, albeit slow.  It ended up taking us over an hour on a trip that would typically take about 20 minutes or so.

When we arrived at GA Motorsports, the quads were ready...and they had even detailed them! I guess they figured that was the least they could do to soften the blow of the $1445.00 bill they were presenting us with. Oh well, we knew it was going to be an expensive one since they hadn't been serviced in two years. Plus mine needed new front brakes and both needed a new left rear axle.

We were home before a campground that is just buzzing. A busy, busy long weekend here! We were very lucky for a cancellation that enabled us to stay another week! Steve took care of putting the new insurance papers in the quads, along with the decals on the plates, while I set up our chairs in the sunshine....yup, time to enjoy a bevie and soak up a little sunshine...something we really haven't had much of over the past week.


  1. Enjoy your happy hour! Hope everything works out next week.

    1. Thanks Jim and Barb! We're remaining positive about our recent medical always has to throw you a few curve balls!