Thursday, April 28 to Sunday, May 1, 2016 (North Saanich, BC)

Well, our first few days "on the island" have been all about spending time with family. It was a bit of a rush Thursday morning as we got packed and ready to go...for some reason, time just slipped by and all of a sudden we were in a mad dash to get going.

We parked the truck in the 'Park and Go' lot, hopped on the shuttle to the ferry terminal and boarded the 11:00 a.m. ferry. Steve spotted several seals feeding next to the ferry...

And we're off! Those are freighters loading coal at Point Roberts...
Rob and Bryce picked us up at the ferry terminal...Wow! has Bryce ever grown in the 5+ months since we last saw him! He's even walking and running now.

Conner trying on the hat and mittens Gramma made him...couldn't get the sweater on him, but I'd say he has some definite growing room in it.
Bryce and Angie...

Friday, we were kept busy with appointments. I had a cortisone shot in my left knee...should be good until September, when I will likely need "the expensive lube job" in both knees. After that we headed to Colwood where Steve had to sign some papers dealing with his Dad's estate. With a little time to spare before my dentist appointment, we stopped at the mall for a bite to eat.

Yes, I had a dentist appointment...I had chipped another tooth! Geez! But it was a good outcome...the tooth was actually already a crown (with a root canal) and just a small portion of the porcelain had chipped. He smoothed it off and said I would need a new crown...okay...guess I'll be making a trip to Los Algodones, Mexico next season. I told him about the two root canals and crowns I had done last March and he asked if I wanted him to take x-rays and have a look. He did...and all is good. Sweet!

Saturday morning, Angie and I had an appointment to have our hair hi/low lighted and cut...then later, went into Sidney to pick up a few groceries. Rob and Angie put together beef roulade for dinner that night...basically their own creation. Yummy!
Conner with his tower of Leggo...
Sunday morning we met our good friends, Rob and Nancy, for breakfast....Rob, Angie and the kids also joined us. We went to Spitfire Restaurant alongside one of the runways at the airport, so Conner was in his glory watching the airplanes.

After breakfast, Rob, Nancy, Steve and I decided to go for a we headed to the waterfront, parked and did our favourite seaside walk. We had a great walk...and then Nancy and I decided we needed more time together, so we ended up back in Sidney for the afternoon, wandering the shops and stopping for a latte. Thanks for a great day, my friend! Wonderful, as always, seeing you both again! (Forgot to take pics of this outing...Sheesh!)

When I got home, the family was out on the deck...the kids were having a great time. Lots of toys, including a water table to play with out there!
Conner wanted to try taking pictures with Gramma and Grampa's camera...

We even took a selfie...
Cheese...Good job, Conner!

There you have it...our first few days "on the island"...enjoying family and friends. Tomorrow, Jim and Barb are arriving via the Washington State Ferry from Anacortes. Looking forward to seeing them and showing off our beautiful area.


  1. Pictures of the kids and grandkids, I am going to have to steal one for our blog!

  2. nice recap of your first few days! can't believe how big the boys have gotten already!!