Tuesday, April 3, 2012 (Fort Camping, Fort Langley, BC)

Our neighbours, Gene and his wife, decided they were going to head off today.  They have been here since October so I think they were anxious to get going back to Alberta.  That meant that our favourite site was available.  Steve had gone up to the office yesterday to see if we could move into it.  For some reason, they were a little hesitant because apparently they “hold” the site as a backup...whatever that means.  But they relented and okayed our move into it once Gene had left.

With rain in the forecast, Steve wanted to be ready to move just as soon as they left so that meant we had to get moving a little faster this morning than I had hoped.  It was just after 9:00 when they pulled out...at least our pack up wasn’t too bad...Steve moved all the outside over and I didn’t have to tie anything down inside, just move everything so that we could get the sliders in.

Steve thought that he might just be able to pull out of our site and then back into the other one but that proved to be difficult due to a post across the road, so he went around the loop and pulled in.  The site is on the end so we have nice trees and shrubs to look out at rather than another RV.  Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold off and we got a little damp as we moved and got set up.

The rest of the morning and into early afternoon, it rained and rained...but at least with my new Wi-Fi, we now have internet so I worked on our travel blog and managed to get it all up-to-date.  We had decided not to bother with setting up our satellite because the campground has cable but just as we were about 2/3 through a show we were watching, the station went off the air saying that a digital cable box is now required....sheesh, I guess the campground had better upgrade.  We ended up watching some recorded shows for the rest of the afternoon until the rain let up enough for Steve to go out and set up the satellite.  While he was doing that, I had a nice talk with Dennis and Suzanne over Skype.  They plan on being on the Island at the end of April/early May too...so we are looking forward to connecting with them again.

Shortly after getting a satellite signal, Steve was out securing the dish when the power went out...well, apparently the power post was smoking so he tripped the breakers and pulled out our plug...great!  Steve said he had noticed a strange smell when he was hooking up the satellite cables and thought that Gene had sprayed a pesticide for ants.  After walking up to the office, Steve returned with a couple of maintenance fellows.  The 30 amp receptacle was melting...and smoking...and had to be replaced.  They worked on that and about a half hour later, we had power again.  Paul...the onsite maintenance guy said this happens occasionally and has been told that its caused by moisture when they get lots of rain.

The Canucks were playing again tonight, so since we have been shut-ins from the rain all day we thought we would get some exercise and walk over to the pub to watch a couple of periods...oh, and it just happens to be wing night...so beer and wings (great for the waistline) while watching the hockey game.  We left right after the second period and got home just in time for the start of the third period.  After going through overtime and then a shoot-out, the Canucks came out victorious!  It`s funny how we have never paid much attention to hockey but now we really follow our team...go Canucks!

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