Saturday, March 31, 2012 (Travel to Fort Camping, Fort Langley, BC)

We crossed the border back into Canada (and BC) today with no problems, arriving at Fort Camping in Fort Langley just before noon.  We spent so much time here last year that it felt like we had arrived home as we drove through the cute little community of Fort Langley, crossed the bridge to Brae Island and arrived at the campground.

It’s too early in the season for the main entrance office to be open so we had been given instructions to call on the intercom when we arrived and someone would come down and open the gate.  Since check-in wasn’t until 1:00, we thought we would just leave the rig and go for a walk around the campground.  As it turned out, a security/maintenance fellow came by on his golf cart...he would be able to check us in.  Gene gave us a ride to the office where we found out that the site we had requested wasn’t available...because Gene was in it.  He is here from Alberta working at the campground for the winter.  So we were given the site next door to him...he is leaving early next week so we can probably ask to move if we want.

It wasn’t long after we got unhitched when the rain started.  Unfortunately Steve ended up getting absolutely soaked as he did his set up outside...he managed to get the power connected and sewer hooked up but decided that the water could wait until the rain subsided.

We were relaxing inside and that’s when I discovered that we didn’t have internet.  I went next door to ask Gene for the password but he said that it was likely that I wouldn’t be able to get on.  The park is right in the middle of changing their internet provider and upgrading the system.  Starting May 1, visitors will have to pay for internet if they want it at their site...sheesh...the place charges enough to just stay here, now there will be an extra charge for internet when it used to be free (or included in the campground fee).

Late afternoon, the rain subsided a bit so Steve went out and connected the water.  We really didn’t have much in the way of food left in the fridge so since it was Saturday night, we decided to walk over to The Fort Pub for dinner.  There was also a Canucks game we had a couple of beers and dinner while watching the first 2 periods of the game (the last time we watched the Canucks at this pub was the night of the riots when they lost the Stanley Cup).  The pub has been remodeled since we were here last year...nicely done, but it doesn’t look like it would hold as many people.  They have exchanged some of the tables and chairs for big couches with low tables between them. Steve thinks it has lost some of its former character. We returned to our site and watched the final period...yaah the Canucks are now number one in the west!

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