April 8 to 13, 2012 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Since our stay here doesn’t vary a lot from day to day, I thought I would combine a number of days into one post.

Sunday was a beautiful day so we thought we would go for a powerwalk for a change today instead of a bike ride...gotta mix it up a bit!  We took the trail here in the park to Tavistock Point and after 45 minutes and 4.03 miles (about 6.50 kms) we were back.  It felt great to get out for a good walk!  Steve spent the afternoon outside reading while I baked cookies and then went for a walk into town (just a little more exercise for me).

Monday we made a trip to Costco...there’s one right in Langley.  Steve actually dropped me off and went to Wholesale Sports to check out fishing regulations on the Fraser River.  It turns out you require a saltwater licences to fish this part of the river...too bad.  It’s not worth buying a saltwater licence to only use it while here.

After lunch at Costco...can’t go to Costco without having a hot dog/Pizza lunch...nutritious (haha) and cheap!...we headed home and got ready to go for a bike ride.  We took the Fort-to-Fort Trail to Edgewater Regional Park...another good ride...roughly 11 miles/18 kms.

I'm still amazed at how low the water is right now...just wait a month or two as the snow pack melts...

Tuesday was a work day.  As Steve got ready to wash the truck, I walked into Fort Langley to run a couple of errands.  Once back, I started on the laundry...Steve was washing the truck...and was still washing the truck after I had finished the laundry!

Wednesday we were up and out on our way to ITB shortly after 9:00.  Although our appointment to have the work done wasn’t until tomorrow, Steve had called them Monday regarding the solution they had proposed.  There had been two options and after considering it further, Steve had changed his mind and decided on the original option—to completely remake the mount.  So to speed things up, they suggested we come in today so that they could take measurements and have the part made and ready for installation tomorrow.  After we had finished at the service department, we stopped in to see Bernice, the saleswoman who had handled the design and building of the truck.

Before heading home, we stopped at Safeway...I went in to pick up a couple of things while Steve went next door for a haircut.  We had hoped we would make it home before the rain started but unfortunately, we didn’t make it...so much for Steve’s clean truck.  But once home, he quickly rinsed off the mud splatter...then we settled in for an afternoon inside reading and watching TV while it rained and rained...for the rest of the afternoon, evening and night.  Oh yeah, we watched the first playoff game (hockey) between the Vancouver Canucks and LA Kings...not a good start for the Canucks...

Thursday started off with cloudy skies...but no rain, so we thought we would go for a bike ride.  We did what has become our usual ride...the riverside trail down to Edgewater Regional Park and back.  Once back, the sun had actually decided to make an appearance so we sat outside reading.  Unfortunately, it was one of those afternoons where it was really hot when the sun was out but there were also lots of clouds around...so it would get quite chilly too.  After awhile there seemed to be much more cloud than blue sky so we headed inside.

Wow...I can't believe it is Friday again already!  And...Friday the 13th to boot!  Steve's appointment to take truck into ITB had been changed from yesterday to today so he left shortly after 8:30 this morning for his 9:00 appointment.  I continued my relaxing morning...and decided I had better write this blog.

It was about 10:00 when I decided I had better get cleaned up, do the dishes and maybe head out for a walk...the sun was trying to make it through the fog and clouds.  Finally at 11:00 I headed out for a good fast walk...going across the bridge, along the Fort-to-Fort Trail for a bit then into the residential area, around back to the main street (Glover Road), down to the end of the shops and back to the park.  I was gone 45 minutes and had worked up a good sweat...so I felt like I had had a good workout.

Steve called at 12:30 to say he was still at ITB and would be a little longer yet...too bad he didn’t take a lunch!  The sun seemed to breaking through the clouds in earnest now, so I opened the door to let some fresh air in...I’ll make some cookies first while I wait for it to warm up a bit more out there.  I had a bit of a glitch when I started making the cookies, though...I didn’t have any flour.  Hmmm...what can I use?  Have you ever had cookies made with pancake mix?  Interesting...

It was going on 4:30 by the time Steve got home...that had certainly taken a lot longer than expected.  After something to eat (he hadn`t had anything since breakfast this morning), we settled in for a relaxing evening in front of the TV...waiting for the Canucks game to come on.  Unfortunately, it was another disappointing game...

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