Wednesday, December 7, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

It was another chilly start to the day as we crawled out of bed this morning.  Good thing Steve had put some water in the tank and disconnected the water was 28F/-2C out there.  We had a nice a nice long coffee start to the day...after a couple of hours we decided it was time to do our resistance exercises.  The last time we did them was before we left for Cabo...guess it’s time to get back into the routine!

We were waiting for a phone call from Trader RV saying that our microwave had arrived...we were prepared to pack up and take the trailer in to get it installed.  But we never did get the phone call. 
Consequently, we ended up having a very relaxing day.  After a 30 minute power walk around the RV park, we were back inside.  I got caught up on our banking...making sure everything was up to date and bills paid.  I still have to work on our budget...but that can wait for another day.  Steve watched an old war movie and then did some research on the computer while I read my book.
And that was pretty much our day.  When we take the trailer back in for the microwave installation (hopefully tomorrow), we will also have to have them look at the fireplace again.  There is now a strong "electrical burning" smell coming from it when it is on...sheesh!
Since I have no new pictures...I thought I would show more pictures from our Cabo trip (we have an abundance of sunrise pictures!)...


  1. What a tough life, Dianne.:-) Actually, we're getting ready to travel down to Mesa where we're staying for 2 months. Bringing the Harley as well. Hope it warms up though.

  2. Hi Brian! We're flying home for Christmas (for a couple of weeks) and then when we are back here, we will be continuing our travels around Arizona. If you are out for a ride on your Harley and we are within riding distance, definitely stop by!!