Thursday, December 15, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

We were up and on our way to Camping World in Mesa shortly before 8:30 this morning...with the 5th wheel in-tow.  It was a beautiful sunny the blue sky and sunshine!

After pulling into the big service area, we headed inside to talk to the service people about the problem we are having when trying to run the microwave while using the generator.  Since the microwave is brand new, and we had immediately tested it out with the same result we then knew it wasn’t the old microwave causing the problem. So we figured the issue had to be either with the generator or with the inverter or surge protector that we had installed at Camping World in Burlington, Washington back in June, 2010...good thing we had purchased extended warranty!
With all the paperwork complete, we headed back out to the rig with the service fellow.  Steve hauled out the generator and got it all connected while the service fellow went to get one of the technicians.  Okay...we’re ready to demonstrate...I put a bowl of water in the microwave and turned it on.  And guess what happened?  Everything worked perfectly!  The ultimate in “Murphy’s Law”!  Steve and I just could not believe it!  We even tried it again...the generator accepted the heavier load of the microwave...just the way it is supposed to.  SHEESH!  Steve decided to leave the generator with them to have it serviced anyway...
After we were finished at Camping World, we headed across the street to Traders RV where we had had the seal on the toilet replaced (and all the other work done)...the toilet was still having problems hold water.  They technician came out and made some adjustments on the foot-peddle and made sure the seal was clean...hopefully that will work.
The recent rainstorms we have had produced lots of snow in the mountains so I took some pictures from the truck on our way back to the campground...
I took this picture when we were stopped at the intersection where we turn right to go to the RV resort...Steve thought it was a good picture of the traffic lights (haha!)...

We were back home shortly after noon...that worked out very well because I still had some laundry to do before packing our suitcases.  So after lunch, off I went to the laundry room while Steve took advantage of the sunshine and relaxed in his lounge chair outside.
Once the laundry was all done, we pulled out what we wanted to take to Victoria and I started packing the suitcases...we are both really looking forward to heading home tomorrow!  I was just back last fall but Steve hasn’t been back since last June.  We are both soooo looking forward to spending the Holiday Season with our family and friends!
Our flight tomorrow is direct from Phoenix to Victoria with Westjet...a 3 hour trip.  A real treat being direct...something that doesn’t happen often when flying in/out of Victoria.
So, we will “sign off” now...for 2 weeks as we enjoy the Christmas Season back home.  We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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