Friday, December 9, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

We were on our way back to Traders RV by 9:00 was a beautiful morning with clear sky and sunshine (and not quite a cold as it had been other mornings).  Had we only been having the microwave installed, we could have just stayed connected to the truck but since they now had to figure out what the “electrical burning smell” in the fireplace was, they needed more time.  So after disconnecting, we decided to check out a place they had recommended for graphics...we were finally going to look into getting some graphics on the truck so that it tied in with the 5th wheel and didn’t look so much like a utility truck.

We drove the short distance to A & M Graphics where we spoke to Edie about what we wanted and then she and Jenny, the graphics designer, went out, measured the truck and took pictures.  Edie was going to come over to Traders RV when we were all hooked up and take pictures as well. 
Back at Traders RV, we found out that the electrical burning smell was a light socket in the fireplace.  It had shorted out and was actually smoking as well.  They were in contact with the manufacturer and trying to see whether they would replace the whole fireplace...or just the socket.  They were trying for a new fireplace and hoping that they would be able to just pull the fireplace out of a new Montana that they had and then just replace it when the new one came in.  It was a nice try...but nope, they would only replace the socket...and it would take a week to be shipped.  Sheesh!  But instead of having to bring the trailer back in to have the socket replaced, the technician showed Steve how to do it.  The replacement socket will be delivered to the RV Park and Steve will install it himself...hopefully that goes smoothly!
After we got the trailer hitched back up, Steve decided that he wanted to try using the new microwave with the generator.  There were two issues with the old made an unusual buzzing noise off and on when using it...and secondly, it wouldn’t work when we were using generator power.  The still didn’t work with the generator!  So that means that there is either a problem with the electrical system that Camping World installed when we upgraded it 17 months ago (Camping World, Burlington, Washington) or with the Honda generator we bought from Camping World at the same time.
That means we have to make a trip to Camping World now...luckily there is one just across the street (and down a bit) from Traders RV.  Just as we were putting the generator away, Edie from A & M Graphics arrived.  She took pictures of the whole rig and then a close-up of all the different colours used on the graphics on the Montana.  They will try to match the colours as best they can.  Jenny will work on the design and email it to us next week...along with the cost.  It is unlikely that we will be able to get it all done before we leave for Victoria next Friday so if we like their work (and the cost), we`ll be able to get it done just as soon as we get back.
All finished at Traders RV, we headed to Camping World.  After explaining our problem with the microwave when using the generator, the fellow there gave us a "song and dance" about some appliances needing "pure" sine wave power...Steve told him (again) that we had all of that installed.  Okay, the technician will have to diagnose the problem...we have an appointment to take the 5th wheel in next Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.
It was around 1:30 by the time we got back to the RV park and after backing into our site, levelling off and unhitching, I made lunch...we were starving!  The rest of the afternoon was spent vacuuming and cleaning...I was ready to relax in my lounge chair outside by the time I was finished!
Tomorrow we thought we might do something fun...maybe check out the regional park that`s not too far away...and do a little hiking....

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