Monday and Tuesday, December 5 & 6, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

The last couple of days have not really been very exciting.  Before heading to Cabo, we had booked both the truck and the trailer in for servicing, so we have been busy with those appointments.

It was cool and raining out when we left shortly after 9am on Monday...we were taking the truck back to Midway Chev to have the fan clutch replaced under warranty.  Rather than go to a mall while the work was being done, we decided to just stay in the large waiting room and was only going to be a couple of hours. 
The truck was ready around 12:30 and as we emerged from the waiting room, the sun was was still cool but at least it had stopped raining and the sun was out. We stopped at Costco on our way back to check out the cost of our contact lenses and to have a look around.  After managing to get out of Costco with just a few items, we headed home to get ready for tomorrow’s appointment.  We had to have the 5th wheel at the Montana Dealer (Traders RV) in Mesa by 8:00 a.m....why did we make the appointment so early???!!
It was very cold outside when we got up this morning...the furnace had come on, meaning that the two electric heaters we have running just couldn’t keep the trailer warm enough.  After getting just a trickle of water from the tap, I realized that there would be no showers this morning.  The temperature on our outdoor thermometer was 28F/-2C...I guess the water hose froze.  It wasn`t too bad, though, after leaving the tap on for a bit, the water started coming through full force again.
After getting the inside all packed up and just unhooking the outside services (power, water, sewer and satellite), we were on our was shortly after 7:30 a.m.  At least the sun was shining may be cold but the sky was clear.  But being bundled up in jeans, turtleneck sweater, coat and socks and shoes just seemed so strange after the past 2 weeks of lazing on the beach or by the pool wearing our bathing suits and enjoying high-80 temps!  I guess I shouldn`t complain though...we could be in Edmonton like our travel companions!
We arrived at Traders RV at exactly 8am...and after going through all of the warranty work that needed to be done, we unhitched and headed to a mall.  After a coffee and pastry we wandered around the mall...joining the early morning "mall walkers" again.  With our walk around the 2-level mall complete, we headed back out to the truck.  There was still one issue with the ATV`s that Steve wanted to get taken care of, so we headed back to a bike shop that was just down the street from Traders RV. 
When we had the quads serviced in Moab, they were unable to take care of a small leak in the back axle 'boot'.  It would be a warranty issue so we needed to find a shop that would do the work.  The place we went to didn`t do the work but suggested another shop that did...and it was back near where we had just been (by the mall).  So back we went and we managed to find Champion Honda Yamaha.  After much discussion and checking the quads, the fellow said that it wasn`t a warranty issue but they could tighten the clamps. Hmmm...we seem to get a different story from each ATV shop we go to.  Okay then, we`ll go wash the quads (they were still caked in Moab red dirt) and be back.
Now, finding a car wash that wasn`t a full service and with enough room for us to off-load the quads from the truck (and not be in the way of the driveway) turned out to be another challenge.  But we found one that was back towards Traders RV...all we seemed to be doing was driving back and forth on the same route (about 8 miles each way)!
After spray-washing the quads, we went back to Champion Honda Yamaha and off-loaded them so that the mechanic could do his thing...well, it turned out that all he did was clean the area up.  The clamps on the boots aren`t adjustable and Steve was told that we weren`t hurting anything as long as the boots aren`t damaged. Sheesh!  What a complete waste of time!  Oh well, we now have clean ATV`s.
By this time, we received a phone call from Traders RV saying that the trailer would be ready in about an hour.  We were just on our way to fuel up...the best price on diesel that we had seen in a long time was at Fry’s at $3.76/gallon.  After fuelling up and a quick stop into Fry’s for a couple of items that I had forgotten to get when grocery shopping on Sunday, we were on our way back to Traders.
All of the work had been completed and they were just waiting for a new stereo receiver to be delivered (any minute now). The original was very noisy when it was turned on when cold and the speakers would cut out.   Oh...all of the work was done except the new hadn’t arrived and probably wouldn’t be delivered for another day. It would intermittently make a loud buzzing sound. Yay, a new microwave...Boo...we would have to bring the trailer back again for it to be installed.  Why didn`t they phone to re book us when everything was ready...sheesh!
Oh well, we had a new element put in the fireplace so that the heat will actually stay on; the seal in the toilet replaced so that it will now hold water (yucky job, but someone had to do it); the circuit breakers replaced so that the sliders don’t stop as we bring them in; a new set of shower taps (they replaced the whole thing when only one knob had come off); a new receiver...and a new microwave...all under our extended warranty.  Our total cost $186...that’s a $100 deductable and an $86 shipping charge for the microwave...yeah, odd...they replace the microwave, but they won’t pay for it to be shipped.
We finally arrived back at the RV Park shortly after 4:30 and managed to get backed in to basically our original spot.  After getting levelled off, we decided to leave the trailer hitched to the 5th wheel...we expect the microwave to be in tomorrow so we might just as well go back and get it taken care of.  A major pain having to pack everything up inside the trailer but...oh well.....

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