Monday and Tuesday, December 12 & 13, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

Well, the forecast wasn’t wrong...rain, rain...and then more rain!  The average rainfall in the Phoenix area for December is one inch...well, I think it all fell in the last two days!

Consequently, we stayed hunkered down inside.  We managed to get out for a good walk yesterday during a break in the weather but today when we went out, it started to rain again, so we had a very short...yet fast...walk.
Today I decided that I would take the opportunity to work on our budget.  For the past 18 months I have been using an excel spreadsheet that I cobbled together.  I wasn’t happy with it and it was just too cumbersome...had I been still “working” I would have taken the time to make it more user friendly but no time for that in our new lifestyle!  So I downloaded one from a website that we have been following for years... RV-DreamsHoward Payne and his website have been excellent sources of RV information for many years leading up to our Full-Time RV lifestyle.  It was a pleasure to meet him and his wife, Linda last January when we were in Tampa, Florida.  As one of their “RV Dreamers”, we hope to join in on a rally when they schedule one for the western States next fall.
So I spent most of today setting up our 2012 budget while Steve read and watched TV.  The weather is supposed to start clearing tomorrow...I sure hope so, 2 straight days of heavy rain is quite enough! 

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