Thursday to Tuesday, December 26 to 31, 2019 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Thursday (Dec. 26...aka 'Boxing Day' in Canada) was a cold, cloudy, breezy day...thank goodness it wasn't like this yesterday or Steve and I would have had a houseful in our trailer! It would have been very cozy, but doable. What is boxing day you ask...
A 'Christmas Box' in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a 'Christmas Box' from the master. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give 'Christmas Boxes' to their families. The name is a reference to charity drives.

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!
We took the tarps down from the wind shelter...with varying forecasts on the strength of the wind, Earl thought it best to take them down.

With that done, Steve and I headed into town to get propane and drinking water....we wanted to get that done and be back home before the rain started. And we did it...with about a half hour to spare...the rain started at about 11:00.

The rest of the day was spent hunkered down inside, watching TV and working on this blog.

Friday's weather was a tad bit better, but still cold and breezy. Steve bundled up and headed out to do his chore for the day...pump and dump. At least he didn't have any rain to contend with by delaying it a day.

Again, we hunkered down inside to keep warm. Ray and Deb, our Lake Cowichan friends, arrived at about 3:00. Steve went out to escort them into a possible site for them. They took their car to check out other spots and found one down from us on the wash...better for Freya having more sand to walk/run in rather than the hard-packed rock.

After getting set up, Deb and Ray came down to join us for drinks and dinner. We had a wonderful time catching up! This is the best picture we could come up with...I had a hilarious time trying to get a picture taken with my phone eventually giving up, so Steve took one with his!
Saturday (Dec. 28) started out clear and cold...with calm wind. We did our exercises and I got out for a short walk. I hadn't been back long when all of a sudden the wind started...and it turned into a very blustery day!

Steve did manage to get out for a bit while the wind was calm to fly his glider...again, I can't see it but obviously he has it under control!
At 1:00 we bundled up...including putting on long johns...and headed out on a quad ride. Earl/Allison led the group, followed by Fred, Lori (Art and Jan's visiting granddaughter), me, Steve, Dino and Jim/Cec. It was a short ride...just over an hour and a half...but long enough today. Surprise...Steve took no pictures!

While we were gone, Red and Pam after getting home and putting our stuff away we went over for a quick visit. So good seeing them again!

Just before 5:00 we headed off with Earl and Allison to a birthday celebration for Silly Al's Pizza. Another great gathering and yummy pizza...left around the table, Steve, Art, Jan, Lori (Art and Jan's granddaughter), Terri, Fred, Vince, Allison and Earl...
Birthday boy...Art and Jan...with Lori and Terri in the background...
 It was about 6:30 when we got home, so we went over to Earl and Allison's for a few games of Rummikub. We all managed to win games...and a couple of hours later we said goodnight.

Sunday (Dec. 29) was a gorgeous day...but again, cool with a slight breeze. Thank goodness the wind had died down from yesterday's blustery day!

At 10:30 a group headed out for a quad ride...I decided not to join them today. Earl lead the way to "Deere Run Resort" with Fred, Lori, Dino, Steve and Jim/Cec...
Over to Steve, now....

Across the road from the Rainbow Acres development Earl spotted this decorated Saguaro...
We got parked at Deere Run Resort...
...and had lunch. Normally the tree is full of things hanging from it. Quite a bit of stuff has been hauled away and replaced with other stuff...
A blimp was spotted on the horizon...
It's the Goodyear blimp...
It was a much warmer day out on the trails. I didn't take any Go Pro pics but if you're interested in seeing some from last years ride click here...

While they were gone, I took a couple of walks, did a little housecleaning...and then sat out in the sunshine against the trailer. It was warm as long as you were in the sun and out of the breeze.

Just before 4:00 we headed down to Ray and Deb's...they have invited us, along with Jim and Barb for dinner. Of course, we started out with happy hour around the campfire...there was even a little bit of a beer tasting going on...
Jim, Barb, Deb, Ray, me and Steve...(thanks for the picture, Ray)
Another lovely picture courtesy of Ray...beautiful sunset...
And then it was time to head inside for dinner. Deb outdid herself again, serving ham, scalloped potatoes (that were to die for !) and broccoli-slaw...
Followed by Irish Cream Liqueur and shortbread that Deb had just made...oh my...yum!
And then some silliness took hold...I think some adult beverages were involved...
Deb and Jim...
And a, Barb and Ray...
 After a great evening...and a lot of laughter...we all said goodnight and got back on/in our 4-wheelers and actually made it home! What a blast...thanks Ray and Deb!

Monday (Dec. 30) we woke up probably feeling better than we should...a little fuzzy and tired, but okay. The forecast for today was for clouds and only a high of 50F/10C...but no rain. And it was a cool after a brief walk, we basically hunkered down inside.

Steve went out mid afternoon to get the campfire ready for tonight's happy hour...a birthday celebration for Jim. He also moved Buster over to provide a break from the breeze...hopefully it helps! Steve's going to get the fire going early so it is warm enough when everyone gathers.

At about 4:00 we bundled up and headed over to the campfire...left to right, Jim, Barb, Lisa, Dino, Marilyn (Colan was working but joined us later), Jim, Cec, Earl, Red, Pam, Ray, Deb, and me...
... it was chilly but the truck made a big difference, a great windbreak!
Another fun evening...Happy Birthday, Jim!

Tuesday (Dec. 31) started out fairly cloudy...but it is supposed to clear up later this afternoon. Steve and I got out for a good walk...doing 1.35 miles (2.17 kms). When we got back, I iced my knee and then got started on making a layered salad for our potluck New Year's Eve celebration tonight. Steve went into town to fill a propane tank...again!

When he got back, he puttered around outside getting the fire ready for tonight and doing odds and ends. Meanwhile, I worked on the laptop...2020 budget prep, yuck!

Around 4:00 everyone started gathering around the was much warmer than it had been yesterday but it did cool down as the sun got lower in the sky.

Allison and Earl...                                                                                    Cec and Jim...

Ray and Deb...                                                                                         Dianne and  Steve
 Barb and Jim...                                                                                        Red and Pam...

Dino and Lisa...                                                                                        Marilyn and Colan...

We had a great feast as everyone brought out their dishes...lots of food!

Our plan was to make 9:00 our "midnight"...bring in the New Year on New York time. We all must be getting old as it was becoming too painful for some to make it to 9 pm. Pam was the first to drop out for Team USA followed by Allison for Team Canada. Soon team members were dropping out like flies! By 9:00 it was evident Team Canada was the clear winner with Cec, Jim, Ray, Deb, and Steve and I along with Marilyn...the only Team USA member left sitting around the campfire. We all said our Happy New Year and immediately headed animals I know :)

It wasn't until we went to bed and Steve turned on CNN that we saw they were still doing the countdown. What...we didn't make it to midnight New York time after all! None of us picked up on the correct time difference...
All the Best to all our Family and Friends in 2020!


  1. Go team Canada! Thanks for the fun evening. I think team USA needs more practice.

  2. Had a great time with you and your friends which are now ours too. lol Thanks for setting up for the party.

  3. Great times, way too much eating this week! Team Canada is well seasoned and has a lot more experience. We will continue to hold our competitions throughout the winter......

    1. We’re definitely not starving out here. With many more Americans arriving soon us Canadians will be outnumbered and won’t stand a chance. 😳

  4. Glad you have been enjoying La Posa South with all your friends and even bringing in the New Year.
    Wishing you all a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks...Happy New Year to you guys! πŸΎπŸŽ‰

  5. I am so jealous right now!! Steve used to put his head on my shoulder sniff, sniff. Lol. Looks like a great time out there but you could use some heat! Too bad we're missing beer tasting and great food. On our way west now, will be in Casa Grande by the 8th. Cheers guys! Miss you.

    1. You were much kinder Dave...Jim said he felt like having a shower after...nice guy eh! There will be more beer tasting events I’m sure. Safe travels!

  6. Looks like lots of desert fun. It has been a cold, windy holiday season in the southwest. Hope it is finally over. Happy New Years! Wishing you two a wonderful 2020.

    1. The days are getting longer and hopefully a little warmer soon. Happy New Year and safe travels to you as well!

  7. Good to see you are having a good time there in Q. We left Colorado on Xmas day, stopping for a week in Mesa to visit with our kids. Our reservation here runs out on the 4th, and then we are heading west to camp and 4 wheel around Q. Maybe we will see you at the laundry again this year. Take care and stay warm.

    PS: Today was the first nice day we have enjoyed on the trip, weather over here in Mesa has not been bad, but not warm either.

    1. We were in shorts for the first few days in early December but somebody turned off the heat and we’ve been bundled up since. Today was beautiful here too. Safe travels!