Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

January 1, 2020! Happy New Year!
Wishing for peace, prosperity and health for all in the New Year!
We were up early this usual. It was Steve who was the first one up for a change, putting the coffee on and turning up the heater. The forecast is for mostly a sunny sky with a high of 58F/14C...and calm winds. Pam took this great picture of our rig as the sun was coming up...very cool, thanks Pam! A nice start to the new year!
We worked on getting a final blog done for 2019...and also added a "Follow By Email" gadget to the side-bar on the blog for those who would like to receive new blog updates that way.

Just before 2:00 Steve secured our chairs to our quads and we headed off to La Posa Tyson Wash (across the highway) where Claude and Theresa are camped. They invited us over for a New Year's Day gathering.

Claude deep fried chicken wings...they were delicious!
Lots of different sauces to put on the wings...along with other munchies...
I'm not even going to try and remember everyone's names because I know I'll get them wrong! Theresa is on the bottom left and Claude on the right...
We had a great few hours catching up with them! We kinda hogged them from the rest of their guests but the others seemed fine with it...after all we hadn't really had much of a chance to talk to them a couple of weeks ago when they came over for our hot dog roast. Thanks for a great time,  Claude and Theresa!

And that was our New Year's Day....a wonderful way to start off 2020! And a beautiful sunset to end the day...


  1. What a lovely day. That picture over your trailer is great.

  2. Deep fried wings sounds delicious! Great sunset shot at the end, someone should buy that rig on the right!

    1. If they buy it too soon you’ll leave us! ☹️

  3. Beauty sunset and sunrise too. We try to avoid sunrise, too cold ;) Nice to get out and visit some other folks across the highway too. Not often you see happy hour wings they looked pretty good.

    1. Claude had 10 lbs of wings! I think he managed to save some for another Happy Hour.