Thursday to Monday, January 2 to 6, 2020 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Thursday's forecast was for sunny sky, warm temps and calm wind...a good day to do laundry. So we headed into town around 9:30. It is definitely getting busier now that Christmas and New Years is over.

Steve helped me in with the bags of laundry and then headed off to fill our fresh water containers. About an hour later we were home and I was hanging the laundry on the clothesline. While I was doing that, Steve took advantage of the calm wind to fly his glider...and once Earl was finished with the poop-mobile, he started his chore of pumping and dumping.

It was actually so calm out while I was putting the laundry up that I was hoping for just a bit of a breeze to help with the drying process...but what I got was more than a breeze! It wasn't long after I got everything on the line that the wind really started to just never know here and you can never trust the forecast in that regard. Oh well...the clothes didn't take long to dry!

Friday (Jan. 3) Deb picked me up at 9:00 and we were off to Blythe. Their dog, Freya, had a vet appointment and we were going to do a little shopping beforehand. After a stop at Smart and Final and Albertson's, we took Freya to her appointment. She's doing more antibiotics required.

We had a quick lunch at Denny's and then headed home. While I was gone, Steve had been a busy boy. He fixed one of the skid plates and the padded back rest on my quad as well as other odds and ends around camp.

With the groceries put away, I helped Steve put up the sunscreen and then sat crocheting...such a beautiful day!

Ray and Deb came over for happy hour and we joined the group over at Jim and Barb's. It was a little breezy so their trailer made a good wind block. Left to right around the circle...Jim, Barb, Ray, Deb, Marilyn, Colan, Red, Pam, Steve, Lisa and Dino...

Another beautiful Arizona sunset...
Saturday (Jan. 4) was another absolutely beautiful day! I spent some time in the morning outside crocheting...ahhh...that's why we come down here in the winter!

Steve and Earl managed to get some RC plane flying in...they went to the big area on the other side of the wash behind Earl's place.
Coming in for a landing after another successful flight...
When they got back, Steve went out in our "front yard" and flew his glider. I actually managed to get a picture of it this time (barely!)...can you see it? Above and just left of our flag...

At 1:15 we hopped on our quads and joined Earl and Allison on a trip over to Kuehen Road to check out the vendors. Lots of vendors have set up shop now and it has become a very busy place!

Work has started on putting up the "Big Tent" for the RV Show...
For some reason, both of my legs were very stiff and achy today...we're thinking perhaps it's walking on the rocky terrain here. Anyway, my walking around was cut short and Steve and I headed to Beer Belly's where we waited for Earl, Allison, Jim, Cec, Ray and Deb to join us.
After a couple of beers, we headed home...just in time for happy hour LOL! Guy and Sue had arrived this afternoon and the group was gathered at Red and Pam's. After a bit, we all moved over to the campfire and continued chatting...great catching up with Sue and Guy! Looking forward to spending more time with you! Jim and Barb moved their fifth-wheel over to La Posa West, finding a location that is visible from the highway...definitely a good idea if trying to sell your rig. They promised, however, to still come over and join us for happy hours.  Left to right around the circle...Bill, Sandy (friends that arrived with Guy and Sue), Red, Guy, Sue, me, Jim, Barb, Lisa, Dino, Marilyn and Colan...

Sunday (Jan. 5) morning Steve headed out with Earl/Allison, Dino and Jim/Cec on another quad ride.
Over to Steve now to tell you about his ride...
This is one of my favourite rides...Preachers Pass. It takes awhile to get there through the BLM's and town but the views are spectacular and the hill climbing is fun.

Arrived at our first hilltop for a break and searching for a geocache. Earl had to replace it with a new container...
View from the hilltop of Preachers Pass is in the distance...

Just one of the many hill climbs...

View of the valley we just came from at the summit of Preachers Pass...
Pack Rat midden...don't know how they don't get stuck with this building material!

Time to continue on...
Earl guided us to another hilltop with a view where we had lunch...
We then continued on and looked for another couple of geocaches...
We returned via the Dripping Springs route which was a first for me travelling in the opposite direction from what we normally do, making for a change in scenery.

If interested in viewing previous Go Pro pictures of the hill climbing to Preachers Pass click here.

While Steve was gone, I cleaned up the kitchen and did some housework, then sat down with my legs up...and the ice pack. I spent the rest of the day outside crocheting, finishing my sweater-coat, and then got my Kindle out and started reading a book.

Steve and the group didn't get home until almost 4:00...a long day for them. Steve had just gotten home, put his things away and was about to sit and relax outside when Roger and Cindi arrived. They had pulled in late yesterday afternoon and are just west of us, not far from where Deb and Ray are parked. We had a great visit with them...looking forward to some quad rides and spending more time with you both! Our community is definitely growing!
Monday (Jan. 6) was another beautiful day...but it did take a little longer for the sun to warm things up outside. The high was 65F/18C and with the wind coming from the north, we could sit outside sheltered by the trailer.

It was one of those days that just zipped by...we really didn't do much, just a lot of tinkering...a little of this and a little of that. I spent some time outside reading and Steve edited some pictures so that I could work on this blog, then he chopped wood for tonight's fire, and took apart the metal framework we had set up for a wind break for our Christmas lunch.

Just before 4:00 Steve decided to move the truck over to the firepit area to act as a wind's not super windy but enough to be bothersome sitting around a campfire. We had another great gathering...we are missing Red and Pam and Colan and Marilyn; they have moved over to the Roadrunner BLM area for a week to attend the Grand Design Rally. But we have more additions to our circle...left to right around the circle starting with Steve in the back...Guy, Sue, Barb, Jim, Lisa, Dino, Roger, Cindi, Cec, Jim, Bill Sandy, Kate, Dave (friends of Roger and Cindi), Ray and Deb...

And that brings us up to date again.....our life on the desert!


  1. The group around the fire is getting big! Love how you made it from BB's to happy hour, now that is a seasoned veteran at work right there lol. Looks like a real blast out there and we'll join you after the show.

    1. Soon it’s going to be so big we may need 2 fire pits or a Solar Brian type fire you can see from space. 😜 We’re missing you guys down here!

  2. Thanks for including us in your happy hours. It's great to meet new people that we have heard you talk about for awhile.

    1. Glad to have you here for awhile. We’re still meeting new people too!

  3. Looking forward to joining the circle tonight!

    1. It’s getting bigger every day. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

  4. More fun times! You may want to stay away from Jim and Barb's though. Remember he's trying to sell it. Not that you guys would be detracting from any potential buyers. LOL!!

    1. Maybe a little too much fun. It didn’t take long after Jim and Barb’s move...they sold it!

  5. The circle continues to grow as more people show up! Nothing like a stop a Beerbelly's to help your aching joints.

  6. Do you have a .gpx track for preachers pass? I would like to take a jeep ride up that way, its one of the roads I have not yet explored. If so, email it to me. Thanks, Kevin