Tuesday to Saturday, January 7 to 11, 2020 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Tuesday morning we went into town to run a bunch of errands...bank, propane, gas, drinking water. We were back home just before 1:00...wow, that was a fast morning!

We had a pretty laid back afternoon reading and relaxing in the sunshine. With there being a strong breeze this afternoon, Steve decided to move the truck over to the firepit area to act as a wind break for our campfire and weenie roast tonight. We have had more friends arrive in the area...Steve and Debbie, along with Debbie's brother and wife, Steve and Diane (yes, you read that right, LOL!). They are staying down in the Kofa Wildlife Refuge (south of us) where they get a better internet signal (for the working folks...Steve M and Diane W both work on the road). Les and Sue also arrived the other day...they are across the highway at La Posa Tyson Wash.

So we had 3 Steve's, 2 Dianne's, 2 Jim's, and 2 Sue's!

At 4:00 everyone started gathering at the fire pit....we had quite the group...24! Starting at the bottom, and going left around the circle: Cindi, Deb, Ray, Cec, Jim, Dino, Lisa, Sandy, Bill, Sid, Kathy, Sue, Les, Jim, Steve W, Diane, Debbie, Sue, Guy, Roger (standing), Barb, Steve M, me...
Time to roast hot dogs! Cindi, Roger, Cec, Jim R, Jim N and Sue A...
 Steve, (Dino sitting), Jim R, Lisa, Bill, Guy, Sid and Barb...
Wednesday (Jan. 8) Red picked Steve up shortly after 8:30 and they headed into town to the Desert Flyers RC Club meeting. They were joined by another fellow flyer Claude.

I went with Deb into town to run a couple of errands...and try a little walking on a flat surface, rather than the rocky terrain we have here.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. We had another great sunset...never get tired of them...
Thursday (Jan. 9) morning, Steve went with Jim over to Les and Sue's. They had asked Jim to take some pictures of their camping area with his drone.
They have a beautiful brand new Mobile Suites DRV with a trailer for their new Polaris 570 SxS...
Yesterday afternoon we had a phone call from Parker Yamaha...our generator is ready. So as soon as Steve got home, we headed off into Parker. After picking it up, we made a quick stop at Walmart and then headed home.

Our afternoon was spent working on chores...Steve "pumped and dumped" while I did some housecleaning. Steve was finished shortly after 4:00 and then we jumped on our quads and rode down to Deb and Ray's for happy hour. Deb made some great keto-friendly taco appetizers...yum! Thanks Deb!
No one else thought this was a noteworthy sunset picture, but I thought it was pretty cool...
Friday (Jan. 10)...The picture is a little blurry but we had a beautiful moon setting this morning...
Deb picked me up bright and early...it is shopping day in Parker! Unfortunately, our generator is still not running right. How is it you take it in for a surging issue and they return it with the same issue after charging $393!!! Steve was livid so loaded it into the back of Deb's SUV for us to return it while he waited for a return call from Parker Yamaha.

The first thing we did when we got to Parker was drop the generator off...I left Adam, the service fellow, talking on the phone with Steve. Then we were off to Walmart...followed by Safeway.

The highlight of the day for me was a pedicure! Deb had made reservations for 2 at 11:30 at Parker Nail and Spa...located in the same strip-mall as Safeway, how convenient! After an hour being pampered, we were finished and on our way...to Blue Water Casino for lunch!

After lunch, we stopped at Bealls Outlet for a little clothes shopping...something I don't get much of a chance to do! We were both successful and found a few things...yay!

Steve had asked that we stop back at Parker Yamaha to check on the status of the generator before heading home. Adam took me out to the service area where the mechanic was working on it so we could discuss it...great!...hey, I'm just the "middle-man" here! Bottom line is that it works fine when the air inlet hose is  removed. They are going to call Honda Monday and talk to them.

While I was gone, Steve led a group out on a quad ride through Diablo Pass....over to him...

A rest stop at the Diablo Pass summit...
Lunch at Dome Basin Mine...
Roger and Cindi...
Guy and Sue...
Debbie and her brother Steve
Les and Sue...
Brian and Sue...
Not sure what this area is called but there is an old water tank and a corral here, as well as a geocache for Debbie...
Me, Roger/Cindi, Guy, Steve, Sue, Debbie, and Les. Les's Sue doesn't like having her picture taken so she took this one for me. Brian and Sue decided to pass on Beer Belly's Adult Day Care...
Another great day on the trails although it was quite windy. For Go Pro photos from a previous ride click here...

Steve got home shortly after I did...I was just finishing putting the groceries away. He got cleaned up and then we got a message from Jim and Barb to join them for a happy hour inside...it had been a very windy day!

Saturday (Jan. 11) we had a pretty laid back morning...we spent it relaxing in our recliners. I was icing my knee and crocheting while Steve was reading.

At noon we decided to ride the quads into town to check out all of the RV's on display...before the show starts next Saturday.  In other words, before it gets crazy busy! We were more impressed with the Grand Design fifth-wheels than we were with any of the Montana's...but bottom-line, nothing particularly new this year or spectacular.

The big tent is up...it will be a beehive of activity next week as the vendors all arrive and set up for the opening of the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show...
We met Claude and Theresa at Beer Belly's and had a great visit with them...no picture, though! Sheesh...we're slipping!


  1. That hotdog night was a great event with a lot of visiting! Love the rig in the foreground on that sunset shot.

    1. Too bad that rig won’t be there much longer. ☹️

  2. Replies
    1. Too much of a good thing sometimes...not as young as we used to be. 😉

  3. Fun ride! We had a great time. Loved the scenery and trail. Weenie roast was fun. Good to be back with friends!

    1. Glad you liked it. It’s really the only way to experience the beauty of the area. Great having you back!

  4. Awesome times and awesome rides!
    Looking forward to more!

    1. Nice to finally have you along with your new 4 wheeler!

  5. You certainly have a huge group there in Q. Hot dogs over the fire sound wonderful ( with smores after would to be perfect). You certainly have have bad luck with the generator. You are really roughing it! Hope you get a fix real soon!

  6. Is a reservation permit required for Diablo Pass? Hate to be a bother, but that is the other trail I dont have, but I think I can find it. We saw you maybe coming back from Parker on Tuesday? We were headed up for groceries.

    Hope you get your genny problem fixed this time.

  7. Tough time with the gen, wonder how an air inlet tube is causing surging?? Hope they get you fixed up. Looks like you are having a great time other than the genny. Looking forward to joining the circle in a couple weeks!