Wednesday, May 22 to Thursday, May 30, 2019 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Wednesday was a warm, sunny beautiful day...lots of sunshine and warm temps are forecast for the next week!

When we got up, I was greeted with "Happy Anniversary!" Today is our 37th Wedding Anniversary...Wow! How time flies when you're having fun! And look...we haven't changed a bit!
After our usual lazy start to the day, we had a big breakfast and then Steve decided to get his power walk in before carrying on with his plan for today. It was such a gorgeous morning for a walk along the beach trail.

Once back, he got to work on his project...fix his RC plane. The parts had arrived last week and he was anxious to get it back together.  He spent a long time working on it...epoxying, replacing the firewall, motor mount and cowling as well as fixing a couple of things on the wing... 
While he was doing that, I did some baking and worked on blog updates. By the time I was finished, Steve had also completed the work on his RC plane...and it was time to relax outside in the sunshine for a bit.

We headed off at about 5:30, planning on going the short distance to the Waddling Dog Bar and Grill for our anniversary dinner. Unfortunately, it was "wing night" and the parking lot was parking available for a car let alone our beast! So we carried on further into Saanichton to The Prairie Inn where we were able to find parking on the street.
We enjoyed beer and a delicious dinner...
Happy Anniversary, Honey!
Thursday (May 23) was another gorgeous day. We headed off just before 10:30...Steve has a dentist appointment but first, he is going to drop me off in Sidney so I can have a pedicure. Unfortunately, they couldn't take me for a bit, so I wandered along the main street and stopped for a coffee.

Steve texted me that he was finished at the dentist...but I wouldn't be ready for awhile. No problem, though, because Steve had to pick up a prescription and it wouldn't be ready for an hour. The reason Steve decided to make a dentist appointment is to have a sensitive tooth checked. Turns out he has a dying root that is infected...thus the prescription for antibiotics. And of course, that means a root canal and $$$. Of course, it has to be done right away...and cannot wait for Mexico. So he has an appointment next Wednesday.

While he was waiting for his prescription, he had lunch at Tim Horton's and then walked down to meet me. We walked back to the pharmacy and after a short wait, we were on our way home. By this time it was 2:00.

Steve decided to relax in his recliner and watch one of "his"shows on TV...while I thought I'd clean my Birkenstock's. Dale and Ruth had given me a "Birkenstock cleaner package" last winter...they didn't own Birkenstock's anymore and when Dale noticed I did, they gave me the cleaner. Time to give it a try and at least get rid of all the Arizona dust!

By late afternoon, we got the bikes out for a little riding around the RV park...and then sat outside in the sunshine with our water. Such a beautiful day!

Friday (May 24) was a cloudy day...a big change from yesterday! After our usual start to the day, Steve went out for his walk down to Island View Beach and back. While he was gone, I puttered around inside.

For the past week or so, I have had a tooth that is pressure sensitive...on and off. I was basically ignoring it because it wasn't all the time, but just before noon, it flared up. OMG...nothing worse than a tooth ache! So I called our dentist's office...they were booked up this afternoon, and of course, it's Friday. I made an appointment for Monday morning...hoping I could make it through the weekend. I took a couple of extra-strength Tylenol but then decided to call the dentist back to see if they could possibly fit me in today...I really didn't want to wait through the weekend. After being put on hold for a few minutes, she came back to ask if I could be there in just over an hour...yes, no problem!

After x-rays and some testing, they determined that I had an infection around the tooth. The tooth in question has a root canal but he thinks it wasn't cleaned out deep enough and may be the problem. He was just going to give me a prescription for antibiotics and "keep an eye on it"...until he found out that I am waiting for a knee replacement. Then it was get me to a Specialist right away! From the Knee Replacement Booklet..."Please note, any major dental work must be done 3 months before surgery." So, he obviously didn't want to take a chance that a course of antibiotics would do the trick.

So yesterday it was Steve...and now me! Unfortunately our dental insurance does not cover any major work...the reason we get our dental work done in Los Algodones, MX. But we are no where near Yuma and won't be for a long time...and the work needs to be done now. Just what we need right now...LOL! Anyway, it's Friday afternoon and the Specialist's office is we wait until Monday to see when I can get an appointment.

After a stop at Waypoint Insurance to renew our ATV insurance, we were on our way over to Larry and Judi's for happy hour. You may recall that we met them through the Cowichan Valley ATV Club, and they have spent the last couple of winters in Yuma, AZ where they have come up to Q to ride with us. After battling with Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, we arrived at their place shortly after 4:00. They have a lovely home on the Gorge Inlet in Victoria.

What we hadn't expected was a full blown dinner party! They had also invited over a bunch of other friends...I think there were about 17 people all together. Now, we're not even going to try to remember everyone's name but they were a great group and we had a wonderful time!

Our hostess, Judi in the middle...

 Larry on the  left....
 Larry grilling burgers on the deck...

They had hoped to have their gathering on the patio below by the dock but it was a little cool out...
That was a great evening and we enjoyed meeting everyone!

Saturday (May 25) had a forecast of rain...and they weren't wrong! It absolutely poured all day! So, we had an uneventful inside day watching TV, reading and knitting.

At 3:30 we headed to Rob and Angie's...our last chance to spend time with them since we leave next Friday. We took our toiletries along with us so we could spend the night...that way we can both enjoy the evening without one of us having to drive Buster home.

When we pulled into the driveway, Conner and Bryce were waiting for us at the top of the driveway and since we weren't taking the truck up, they came running down to greet us and help carry some things up to the house.

We had a wonderful time visiting while Rob and Angie made dinner...and of course, playing with the boys! Bryce and I are putting veggies on skewers...
 Conner with an apron on...helping his mom, Angie...
 Rob barbecued a beef roast on the rotisserie and OMG, he did it to perfection!
We had a delicious dinner and spent the rest of the evening sitting and chatting...needless to say, a lot of wine and beer were consumed!

We were back to sunshine on Sunday (May 26). After a relaxing start to the day, Rob treated us to bacon and eggs...and then we gathered up our things. Conner and Bryce helped us carry our things down the driveway to the truck. Thanks for a wonderful time Rob and Angie!

Once home, Steve got to work on his chore for today...washing the trailer roof, slide room toppers and awning. And I did some cleaning inside. So today was a work day.
Steve always hated washing the underside of the awning using a long handled brush with a bucket of awning cleaner...he would get soaked with it dripping all over him from above. So years ago he bought a 1 gallon garden sprayer and what a difference. He can soak the awning without developing large drips so stays dry even when using the long handled brush, and the bonus is he uses far less awning cleaner solution so saves money too! Once he's done brushing he gives it a quick rinse with the hose while moving backwards as he goes to stay away from the heavy dripping...
And that started 3 days of washing for Steve. Day 1 was the roof, toppers and 2, Monday (May 27), he spent the day washing the underside of the toppers, the top of the slide rooms, then the trailer. Note to self...if planning on eventually washing the rig don't park so close to the vegetation!
Before getting started on day 3 of washing,...Tuesday (May 28)...we met friends, Bill and Sherry for breakfast at Cafe Zanzibar . We spent a lovely couple of hours catching up...after all, it had been about 4 years since we last saw them while we worked at Monck Provincial Park! They also picked up the tab for breakfast...thanks so much, guys! Great seeing you both!
Once home, Steve got right to work on today's washing project...the truck. 
And I got to work on my chore for today...laundry.

So we had a busy few days of  cleaning and washing...well, mainly Steve. But I did a bunch of smaller cleaning projects in the trailer too...and a whole bunch of supervising LOL!

Wednesday (May 29) morning Steve dropped me off at the airport to pick up a car rental. We decided to rent a car because of conflicting appointments. He has his root canal appointment and I have an appointment with at Arbutus Endodontics in Victoria. They had called first thing Monday morning with an appointment.
But first I had a very special Conner's school. Today was Grandparent's Day for the Kindergarten classes! Steve was disappointed he couldn't make it...but at least one of us could. I arrived just a couple of minutes late (why do you always hit all traffic lights red when you are in a hurry?) But early enough to watch the tail-end of a performance. Conner is at the very centre of the picture...
Afterwards he showed me his classroom...and then it was snack time. A special treat...they got to have their snacks out on the grass...
And then we went to decorate a picture frame...
After an hour, it was time for the kids to resume regular schoolwork and the grandparents to carry on with the rest of their day. So much fun...and Conner was really pleased that I had gone.

I made a couple of stops and did a little shopping and then it was time for my appointment. After a 3-D scan, the doctor explained what he had found. The outcome was that the tooth should be pulled as the root is cracked...and thus the infection. So an implant will be in my future. My regular dentist would do the work.

So back in the car, I immediately called RebalanceMD and spoke to a Nurse Navigator. She suggested that I get the extraction as soon as possible because I cannot have the knee replacement surgery for 3 months after. With that confirmed, I called our dentist. As luck would have it, they managed to rearrange things and could fit me in at 8:45 tomorrow morning. We leave glad I'm able to have it taken care of before we leave.

After picking up a few groceries, I was back home around 3:30. Steve had spent 2 hours in the chair and his mouth was still quite frozen...he had even tried to "wear" it off by going for a walk down to Island View Beach...

Lots of seaweed washing up on shore this week...

Since we had a rental car and Steve wasn't feeling too bad we decided to go to the Waddling Dog Pub for wing night. This time we were early enough to get a parking spot...and having a car rather than Buster also made it easier.

Thursday (May 30) morning I left shortly after 8:00 for my dentist appointment...and what a fun time that was! It actually went least that's what the dentist said. I was finished and on my way to take the rental car was due back at 10:00 but I was a little late. Within an hour seems to be the grace it all worked out well. Steve picked me up and after stopping to fuel up the truck, we were back home. Time to get packed up...we leave tomorrow!

So that was the rest of our day...until it was time to sit, relax and enjoy the view...
And that concludes our time here at Oceanside RV Resort...hard to believe we've been here for 2 months! But we are ready to move and looking forward to our next destination...Campbell River, about a 4 hour drive up Vancouver Island.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you up there on the 12th of June.

  2. So, did you manage to get all the AZ dust out of your sandals?? LOL, I am not sure it is possible to ever get all that dust removed.
    Enjoy your time on the Island!!

  3. Dental work is the worst and so darn expensive. Luckily, you were able to get care quickly. How sweet that you could be there for your grandson's special day.

    1. Yes it is but luckily, it's taken care of...for now! Hope we have no more surprises! I'm so glad that I was able to be there for grandparent's day, Conner was very excited to show me around.

  4. You guys are always so busy! I’m jealous of Steve’s awning cleaning! I hate that the most. Great idea with the sprayer! I’ve never thought of cleaning UNDER the toppers! How does he do that? Ours are very long. I’ll have to think about that. The dinner pics with the grands was cute. Reminds me of our boys. Always one or more making s face. The beef looked delish! Glad you got your teeth taken care of!

    1. I use a telescoping car was brush under both ends of the toppers and slide room tops after spraying them down with awning cleaner. I absolutely hate this chore! It’s definitely hard to get a good photo of the boys as they always seem to goof around making most pics blurry.

  5. Belated Happy Anniversary to the both of you as you continue keeping busy while getting ready to move on down the road.
    Too bad the Dental Work could not have waited until you were in Arizona.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the change of scenery.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, unexpected dental issues always come along at the wrong time!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Put who is that man you are standing with?!?!? Bummer about the tooth infection, too bad that did not happen a couple months ago while you were down south.

    1. Yes, we've both been hit hard with dental issues...we like to do things together LOL! We got the work done what couldn't wait, but I think we'll be seeing our dentist when we get back down south!

  7. Happy Anniversary guys. Love the wedding pic! Sorry about the dental issues but good to have it all taken care of in time for your knee surgery. Love the family pics. Those boys are so cute. Glad you got to spend some time with them.
    Miss you!

    1. Thanks! I was glad to get in right away to have the molar extracted, especially since I can't have the knee surgery for 3 months after...but also because we were leaving Friday and I didn't want to have to make a special trip back to Victoria. Mind you, I could have had a dentist up in Campbell River do it, I guess...just glad it's all done!