Thursday to Wednesday, May 9 to 15, 2019 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Thursday (May 9) was an uneventful day. Steve is feeling better...but says his chest cold/flu feels like it's going into a head cold now. But he was definitely more spry, has his appetite back and even went for a walk around "the block" with me.

We're into an early heat wave here...with record breaking temps for this time of year. It's supposed to only last a couple of days but with temperatures in the mid 20'sC (80F) we're enjoying it while it lasts. Of course, being right on the water, the breeze cools it down a bit. So our afternoon was spent sitting outside in the shade...Steve reading and me, knitting.

Unfortunately by early evening, I was starting to feel the heavy chest and headache, so I "drugged" myself up and headed to bed early...thanks for sharing, honey!

Friday (May 10) was another uneventful as we both are both under the weather. Steve seems to be getting better but still doesn't have much energy. I have a horrible bronchial cough and headache.

So today was all about doing nothing...we watched a little TV, Steve got out for a walk, making it almost to the end of spit, and I did a couple of slow walks around the park. And that was about it...we're not getting anything accomplished this week!

Saturday (May 11) was pretty much a repeat of Thursday and Friday....same for Sunday (May 12), but I was feeling worse. Not a very happy Mother's Day for me!

Monday (May 13) morning, I was feeling much better than yesterday and Steve, other than a bit of a cough, is fine. After a week of doing nothing, we have too much to do to be sick any longer!

Around 10:00 we headed off in the truck...never had we thought that we would be driving out to Langford so many times! We're going back to Home Depot to look for the connections required to complete the installation of the faucet in the kitchen.

While Steve went in, I stayed in the truck to make a phone call. We leave here May 31 and since I hadn't heard from RebalanceMD about an appointment with a Nurse Navigator, I thought I'd call to see if I could get in before the end of the month. My doctor's assistant said that she would send a note to the nurse admin to let her know...but that was all she could do. Don't know if it's going to make a difference...but at least they know. I have a feeling this whole knee replacement process is going to take much longer than I had hoped.

Steve had no luck finding what he needed in Home Depot, so we headed off to Tom's luck there either. He was successful, though, at Andrew Sheret, a local plumbing supply store.

Our final stop was at the Real Canadian Super Store to pick up a few groceries. While I went in, Steve went across the parking lot to Mark's Clothing and bought himself a pair of pants and a couple of shirts.

Once home, Steve got right to work installing our new faucets...he started with the kitchen.

Out with the old. The old fittings were 1/2 " male from the braided hose to 1/2" female Pex fittings on the supply lines...
In with the new... required 1/2" MPT to 3/8" tube fitting adapters to the new faucet lines which were 3/8" female fitiings...
...and then the bathroom. No messing around with adapters as everything was the same. It was just very awkward for Steve to get into the cabinet and up in behind the sink to work. After it was all apart he tried to remove all the old calcium and mineral deposits from the counter top as the new faucet has a slightly smaller footprint. It was impossible to get it all off so he polished and sealed the counter top...
A little Teflon tape...
And voila!
We woke up Tuesday (May 14) morning to rain...don't like it but it is really needed. The province is so dry that a number of significant wildfires have already started...and it's not even the middle of May!

I was feeling okay today but had more nasal congestion and found any little bit of exertion exhausted me. So even the act of getting the laundry ready to take up to the laundry room had me sweating. But I persevered, with Steve's help, and got the laundry done. At least by the time I was ready, the rain had stopped so we didn't get soaked walking it up to the laundry room.

After lunch we made a quick trip into Sidney to pick up Steve's contact lenses that had come in...and other than that, a lot of time was spent inside, watching TV.

Wednesday (May 15) Steve headed off just after 7:30 to take the truck into P and R Truck Centre to have the grease leak in the front left wheel fixed. It only took them about 15 minutes to replace a hub gasket and he was home around 9:00.

The sun was shining this morning but there was quite a breeze coming off the ocean. Steve puttered around outside for awhile and then decided to give his power walk down to Island View Beach a try. I walked down to the beach and back and then around the campground.

And that was pretty much the extent of our day. I'm still not 100%...with the cold now bugging my sinuses and ears and I have absolutely no energy...sheesh! It's been a week now...enough is enough!


  1. Hopefully a change of scenery will make you feel better. :)

  2. Hopefully with the warmer weather heading your way you'll both be on the road to recovery soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Great job on the faucets! That could not have been easy given the tight quarters. Hope both of you feel good and stay healthy!

  4. Glad Steve is feeling better and I hope you're better soon. The new faucets look great! We keep talking about a new facet in the bathroom that is taller. Somehow we never get to that. We've only had 3 warm days in May so far. Since Arizona in Feb, it's been so cold for us! Snow, rain and wind. We knew we'd hit some, but it's been constant! I can't believe it's that dry there already. I thought Canada got plenty of snow and rain this past year?

    1. The faucet finishes were all worn and the calcium and mineral deposits were impossible to remove. You guys sure have had bad luck weather wise. The snow packs and rainfall have been surprisingly low this year. Probably going to be another bad wildfire season in the Pacific Northwest.

  5. I sure hope you both start feeling better faucets should perk you right up!!! It is a nice feeling when all the chores are done!! We are having a rainy cold snap here in Sth Dakota...42 today!!

    1. S.D. Reminds me of Alberta...crazy weather from day to day.

  6. Sounds like the bathroom faucets were a bigger job then anticipated. Good on you for cleaning and polishing the bench top at the same time.

  7. Hope you feel better soon. Spring colds seem to take forever to move on.