Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Friday was another cool, windy day...but at least the sun was shining! Steve and I got out for a walk but the wind was after that, it was pretty much an "inside" day. Which ended up being okay because I really needed to get a blog update done. That was my main focus for the day.

Later in the afternoon, Steve powered up the TV and we watched a pvr'd program and not long after that was over, it was time to battle the wind and go across the road to Ray and Deb's. They are leaving in the one last happy hour with them.

After dinner, we headed down to Earl and Allison's for Rummikub. We played six games...Allison, Steve and I each won one game...and the big winner of the night was Earl with 3 games. A great couple of hours with good times!

Saturday morning just before 8:00 Deb and Ray popped over to say goodbye...they wanted an early start to beat the line-up at the sani-dump. It was great spending time with travels and we'll see you back in BC!

Today was another beautiful sunny day, with a cool start and definitely not as windy as yesterday but still breezy. After waving goodbye to Deb and Ray, I got started on making the layered salad that we were taking to the Canadian Potluck Lunch.

Steve captured this fellow making his way over to check out the seed on the ground around the bird feeder. Steve's seen a few but it's the first Roadrunner I've seen this year....

Shortly after 10:30 we walked down to Earl and Allison's...we are going with them to the Canadian Lunch. They hold the lunch each year at the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) and it's always interesting to see how many Canadians winter down in this area. This year there were 185 in attendance, down from last year at 208. Folks from all over Canada are represented with the majority from Alberta and BC.

Doug and Candice were already there holding a table for us. Left to right around the table...Doug, Steve, Candice, Allison and Earl...
The food tables...2 dessert in the foreground...and 2 long tables in the background where everyone's contributions are lined up. Lots of good food and quite a variety. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy are provided...being prepared by the volunteers organizing and working at the event...
And a table of door prizes....

 This year my number was called...I actually won a door prize!
After eating way too much, we waddled back out to Earl's truck...and were home shortly after 1:30. We decided to immediately go out for a walk and try to wear off some of that food. Then it was time to relax...we put up the sunshade and reclined in our chairs outside...ahhhh!

Steve had read about a big BBQ Competition going on at the Main Event area on the northwest side of Quartzsite. According to the info on the website, it was from 4:00 to 8:00 and today was the last day (of 3 days). So just after 4:00 Jim and Barb came by and picked us up and we headed into town...Harry and Vicki followed. Well, the info on the website didn't really lay out the schedule of events and as it turned out, we arrived at the event just as the last winners of the BBQ competition were being announced. Apparently all of the barbecues had been set up serving their specialties over the last couple of days, the judging had taken place...and we missed it all except the announcement of the first place winner of $10,000. Sheesh!

Lots of people were sitting in the area enjoying a drink and listening to the we bought a beer and after finding out what we had missed, we walked around in hopes of finding any of the 150 BBQ competitors that was still serving. No such luck, though...they were all packing up and heading out to their next competition.

Some serious barbeques!
Old machines on display...

Old 1939 tractors...
The band was playing country music and a couple were dancing as we walked by...heading back to the trucks....
Having no luck with a BBQ problem for us as we were still full from lunch but poor Barb was very disappointed!...we decided to go the Grubstake Restaurant. As expected, Silly Al's parking lot was jammed packed as we drove by. What we weren't expecting was the Grubstake parking lot would also be jammed we scrapped that idea and decided to just head home.

We gathered at Jim and Barb's for a late happy hour and after a great visit sitting around the campfire, we headed home. Thanks for lending us a flashlight, would have been an interesting walk home in the dark without it!


  1. Did you see the fireworks that Brian posted. Freya would have hated all of the noise. Too bad you missed the BBQ competition. We all should have gone there earlier but it was so cold.

    1. Yes, you could hear the fireworks...thought of Freya. No she definitely would have been on your lap!

  2. congratulations on winning a door prize! hopefully the weather will warm up for everyone eventually!!

    1. Up into the 70's this week...hope it sticks around!

  3. What a great get together! The food looked fantastic! How much longer will you be in Q? Where are you headed next? ps. In case you are wondering, we're still here. Going to check the ground again tomorrow. On and off rain the next week or so. Oh joy.

    1. We'll be here until around the end of the first week of March then we are going down to Yuma/Los Algodones. After that we plan on starting back home. Sorry to hear you guys are still stuck there, hopefully you'll get out before it starts raining again!

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