Tuesday and Wednesday, January 3 and 4, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent finishing our set up, cleaning and getting settled in.
Steve captured this beautiful sunrise Tuesday morning when he went out to fire up the generator...

Steve got our yard set up...mat, chairs, barbecue, solar lights and also off-loaded the quads and swept out the truck box. Then he went into town to fill the propane tanks and get gas. While he was doing all his work, I was inside cleaning and finishing my set up.

At about 4:00, our friends Deb and Ray pulled in. There was a spot across the road from us...and after some humming and hawing about whether they'd be able to get their motorhome in, they decided to give it a try. After a bit of maneuvering around all of the bushes, they managed to find the perfect spot.

Needless to say, the day slipped by quickly and then we had a small gathering at our place. Left to right..Steve, Allison, Earl, Ray, Barb, Jim and Deb...

 Now from the other end...Ray, Barb and Jim hiding behind the bush, Deb, me, Allison and Earl...
Wednesday we got out for a walk...and were out for quite some time as we stopped and had a visit with friends along the way. It was an absolutely beautiful day...clear blue sky and sunshine...yes!

A couple of pictures of our new site, Art and Jan behind us..

The rest of the day was spent doing odds and ends. Steve called the fellow that fixes day/night blinds...we have three that need to be re-strung. Larry strings them differently from the factory and guarantees them for life. We appreciate your offer to do it for us, Dale...thanks anyways!

He also called a fellow that comes out and washes RV's. Jim and Barb had their rig washed and were happy with it so we decided to go for it too. Our rig is so dirty including salt from the roads up in BC, so Steve is anxious to get it all cleaned up. The fellow will be out tomorrow at 10:00...it's going to be a busy day with both the "blinds" fellow coming out and the RV washer!

Shortly after 4:00, we walked across the road and joined Ray and Deb for a cocktail sitting out in the late afternoon sunshine. About an hour or so later, we headed home...so good to catch up with you guys!

We had dinner and settled in for an evening watching our favourite shows on TV...ahhh...it's so good to be settled here for a bit!


  1. Great to preview the trip down to Arizona on your recent blog!I hope we can get lucky at the Siskiyous as well !

  2. We are planning to be in Q about the end of Jan ,if all goes well!Looking forward to leaving this winter behind!Nice to see some sunny pics on your blog ,can hardly wait!