Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, January 29, 30 and 31, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Sunday morning we decided to ride our quads into town to have one final look through the "big tent" is the last day of the show. So at about 11:00 we rode down to Earl and Allison's and the four of us headed off.

After parking the quads, we checked out the fifth-wheels on display again and then went into the tent. The crowds had certainly thinned out and even some of the vendors had already packed up...or were in the process of packing up. I picked up some "gadgets" that keep opened bags closed...they slide on, rather than clip. We wandered through all the isles, then headed off to Beer Bellies Adult Dare Care to meet Earl and Allison, who had been doing their own wandering.
Back home, we relaxed for a bit out in the sunshine and then got ready for happy hour. Jim and Barb arrived at 4:00 and we started the evening off with another session of beer tasting.
Barb and I had each spent considerable time at 'Total Wine and More' when in Phoenix picking out a selection of beers, so we had twelve bottles to taste, along with another three that Chloe had dropped off with Jim and  Barb.

6 down and 6 more to go from our purchases...then the 3 from Chloe!
What should we try next?

We started off lining them up in the order that we rated started off pretty easy but got harder and harder. It got really tough when there was a split rating...usually, it was majority "won". The bottle laying down is one that Barb and Steve loved...but Jim and I couldn't stand.
Just before 6:30, Steve fired up the barbecue and grilled steaks while I put together the salad and put out the fixings for the potatoes. When dinner was ready, everyone came inside and we enjoyed a very simple dinner of grilled steak, baked potatoes (with all the trimmings) and Caesar salad. Jim and I enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner while Steve and Barb "tasted" a Modelo Negra (Steve's favourite beer). Unfortunately the group picture of the four of us at the dinner table didn't turn out. Afterwards, we retreated to comfy chairs in the living room, with after dinner drinks (Carolans and Espresso Vodka on the rocks for Jim and I; another beer tasting selection for Barb and Steve)...and then Barb put the finishing touches on the Crème Brûlée she made in her new 'InstantPot'...delicious!!
We introduced Jim and Barb to Rummikub...they caught on very quickly (all of the alcohol didn't seem to hinder...perhaps it helped LOL!). Jim won the first game even though he was the last to get out on the table and I won the second.

It was after 9:00 when we called it a night. A fun evening with great friends...we're going to miss you when you head off in a few days!

Monday morning we woke up feeling much better than we deserved! After our usual coffee start to the day and breakfast, I did the dishes while Steve went to clean up outside. He took another picture of all the 15 empty beer bottles...quite a selection!
For the most part, we had a pretty relaxing day. We got out for a walk and then Steve went into town for propane and drinking water as well as RV Lifestyles to check things out there. While he was gone, I puttered around inside and then sat out in the sunshine knitting.

At 4:00 Jim and Barb picked us up and we went into Silly Al's for pizza...our first time this year! Harry and Vicki also joined us. You have to get there early if you don't want to wait in long's a pretty busy spot, especially during the show. The show ended yesterday but there was still a line up when we left.

Tuesday morning we packed a lunch and headed over to Jim and Barb's...we're going on one final ride with them before they leave. It was an absolutely gorgeous day...a little chilly when we started out but it wasn't long before we were in shirt sleeves. The temperatures are going up into the mid 70's (20's C) this week...finally! After all the wind and cool temps we've had so's nice to be getting some shorts and flip-flop weather!

We started out going west, through La Posa South, crossing the highway and through La Posa Tyson Old Yuma Road south. We skirted around the backside of Rainbow Acres, past Erdman Mine...our first stop was at Yellow Dog Mine. We took a couple of pictures and talked for a few minutes with the fellow that mines it...he's from Wisconsin, so he and Jim had something in common.
Then we headed through the mountain pass towards Deere Run...

Can you see me down below?
We arrived at "Deere Run Resort" just as two other groups arrived (one in side-by-sides and one in jeeps). There were also a couple of trail bikers already there. It was too crowded so we had a brief water/pottie break before carrying on...

Instead of continuing back around to Quartzsite, we took another trail that went towards Dome Rock. Last year when we came this way, this old abandoned motorhome was still basically intact...this year, it has been stripped and is full of bullet holes...
We crossed under I-10 at the Dome Rock exit to the north side of the freeway...and continued towards Diablo Pass...

Time for a water break and a view of the valley ahead...
On our way home, we stopped at Beer Bellies for a beer. I think it was the first time the dogs had been in a bar...well, at least for Dakota anyway...
Then it was through La Posa West, across the highway to La Posa North...and the trail home. We passed a couple of interesting rigs in La Posa West...this tiny house on wheels was under construction here last year (an interesting spot for a sun deck)...
...and this Class C, also with an interesting deck...
We were back home around everything put away and cleaned up...just in time for Jim and Barb to join us for happy hour. The end to a perfect day!!


  1. Wow! Did all that really happen? The last couple days have just been a blur....

    1. Yes....quality time together on your last few days here.

  2. Lots of fun. We are over at Borrego for now, enjoying the 4wd roads around here. Coming to Q soon, later this week?

    Do you know if there is a trail guide for the roads around Q? We ride in our Rubicon, but the pics I see in your blog look like the roads are wide enough for our jeep. Thanks.

    1. HI Kevin. There is a brand new trail guide out this year. I saw one at RV Lifestyles however it's $38. Probably available all around town. Also the BLM campground gatehouses have a new trail map out (La Posa Access Guide) $5.

    2. Thanks, I will look for both. We moved in over in Tysons on Thurs. Hoping to get out and explore soon.

  3. That is an impressive tasters menu!! Good work guys :) Moose Drool is a fave when are in Montana, so good. Looks like a ton of fun on the quads and of course the happy hours. See you in a couple weeks. This weekend overnight temp -27C. Can't wait for AZ.