Wednesday, July 20, 2016 (Raven's Nest RV Park, West Kelowna, BC)

I sent a text to Dennis early this morning just to let them know that we would not be joining them on their walk this morning. It was going to be a work day today. I called the park owner yesterday to see if they allowed vehicle washing and to our surprise he had no problem with it as long as a mess wasn't made.

So Steve got started bright and early, trying to beat the heat.

After the truck was done, he continued on with the trailer...he was "on a roll"! While he was outside working, I was giving the inside of the trailer a good vacuuming and cleaned the bathroom. When all that was done, I had a shower and was ready and waiting when Suzanne stopped by to pick me up at about 11:30.

We went to Walmart and Super Store and had a great time taking our time without our husbands around to hurry us up. After an ice cap and muffin at Tim Horton's, we dropped Suzanne's groceries off at her place, picked up Dennis and Dunkin and went back to the RV park.

We found Steve recouping in his gravity had been a long busy 6 hour washing day for him. In addition to washing both the truck and trailer, he had also managed to get one of the propane tanks filled. We sat outside visiting...chatting over the noise from the busy highway below...
And then headed inside where is was much quieter...well, except for the AC running...
Rather than heat up the trailer with the oven, I had picked up a roast chicken and a couple of salads at Super Store. So I put together a very easy dinner for us all...and then we got the Rummikub game out and played a few games.

Before we knew it, the evening was shot...and Dennis and Suzanne...and Dunkin...were heading out the door. Not before I could give my little buddy a snuggle, though! After a fabulous few days visiting with my bro and sis-in-law, it's time to move on...we are leaving in the morning.

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  1. we wont be showing Tucker this picture :(
    looks like you enjoyed your 'family visit!'