Monday, July 11, 2016 (Travel to Merritt Rodeo Grounds, Merritt, BC)

It was shortly before 10:00 by the time we were all ready to pull out of site 50 at Tunkwa Lake Campground...we had been aiming for 9:30...oh well, we're just a little behind. Doug and Sue were there to see us off...and after big hugs and handshakes, we were on our way. Thanks so much for the great service we received...we know that that is not available to all campers of Tunkwa and Leighton Lake Campgrounds!! Great seeing you and being able to spend time with you again.

We stopped at the sani-dump in Logan Lake and then decided to carry on highway 97D to the Coquihalla...and south to Merritt. This doe took me by surprise as I scrambled for the camera just east of Logan Lake (okay, truth be known, I was grabbing the last few seconds of internet service on my phone before we lost the signal LOL!) Where there's one there's usually another Steve said and sure enough the fawn was down below on the left.
It was a pretty nice day...with lots of broken clouds. Are we ever going to see clear blue sky that usually graces us in the summer months? Nicola Valley ahead...
It's a very pretty drive (even if you are on a freeway)...
Upon reaching the turnoff for Merritt, our first stop was at the Husky Station to fill up our propane tank...unfortunately, their propane wasn't working, as a matter of fact, I don't think any of the gas/diesel pumps were working either. Too bad for a big station with easy access for big rigs.
We stopped at the Canadian Tire where they have a sani-dump...and filled with fresh water before continuing onto the Merritt Rodeo Grounds where the annual ATV/BC Poker Ride is being held this year. When we entered the grounds, we were surprised at the number of RV's already there. The actual Poker Ride isn't until this Saturday but camping started today for those who wanted to do some self-guided rides. We parked at the entrance and walked in to see if there was anyone that we knew...we were greeted by Gary, a member of the Cowichan Valley Club. He's not camping, though, choosing to stay in a hotel in town instead.

We backed into a site, leveled off, unhitched and got started with our set up...our new home for the next week!

By the time we were all set up...including off-loading the was time to relax outside in the shade and have a visit with Gary...

After dinner we went over to join a small group gathered a couple of RV's down from us. Nadi and Cecilia were folding 2016 Poker Ride T-Shirts, preparing them for sale tomorrow...Chris was supervising (LOL!).
Everyone else was just standing around chatting and getting re-acquainted. It's going to be a great time this week re-connecting with all of the wonderful ATV folks!

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  1. hope you enjoy your stay in Merritt! site 50 isn't the same without the Montana parked there!..miss seeing you on my bathroom rounds!