Sunday, July 17, 2016 (Merritt Rodeo Grounds, Merritt, BC)

We had a very leisurely start to the day as we listened to the hub-bub of folks packing up and gradually rolling out. When Gary knocked on our door to say goodbye and I was still in my pj's, I decided I had better get myself cleaned up and dressed!

After a big breakfast, Steve went out to clean out and sweep the truck box in preparation for loading the quads, while I did the dishes and cleaned up inside. Then it was time to ride the quads over to the water hose and give them a good washing.

There was great water pressure to spray off all that mud!
 Now that's better...all clean!
 Time to load them back into the truck...
With the quads all packed away safely in the truck, we hitched the trailer up...getting ready for our departure in the morning. A severe thunderstorm warning for the area had been issued and there were some very dark clouds heading our way, so we wanted to get as much outside packing done before it hit.

As it turned out, other than a few sprinkles of rain, the storm seemed to skirt around us. Shortly after 4:00, we took a bevie and our chairs and went over to join Ralph and Sheila and some of the folks staying another night.
This is Barb with her very cool puppy, GiGi, Barb is in the RCMP and stationed WAY up north in Paulatuk, Northwest Territories...on the shores of the Beaufort Sea. There are only 300 people living there and a can of Coke will cost you $10! She has been on a Polar Bear hunt and has some fascinating stories of life in the Arctic. This is where she adopted 8 month old GiGi, a cross between a Terrier (I think) and a fox.
She is very cute and very having a fox for a pet...
The sun ended up coming out in full force as we all tried to find room in the shade. Left to right...Susie, Steve, Greg, Ralph and Sheila...
 That is Greg with their dog, Trixi...
 Susie, Steve, part of Greg...Trixi and Gigi...
We spent about an hour or so chatting and then we all headed back to our RV's for dinner. While I was preparing dinner, Steve edited our blog and I finally managed to get the update posted.

After dinner, we re-joined the group over at Ralph and Sheila's who were sitting around a propane campfire. A tractor had been loading old logs into the back of a dump truck during the afternoon...well, I guess the dump truck ended up backing into the ATV/BC trailer that was parked nearby...oops! Greg and Suzie will now have to deal with the insurance claim in the morning so won't be leaving too early.

Just before 10:00, I said goodnight and headed back to the trailer, leaving Steve to continue his visit for a little longer. It was a much quieter night here...with only about nine RV's spending a final night.


  1. Hello! I have followed your blog for quite a while. Even gone back to your adventures of 2010. I love the stories, photos and travel adventures. I'm about to change from a travel trailer to a 5er and wondered what model of Montana you have and if the size has worked out for you after 5 years on the road. I'm looking at a Cedar Creek 34RL (37 feet) and maybe that is too big. We will be living in it full time. Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave...thanks for tagging along! Our Montana model 3665RE Hickory Edition is 37' long. We love the floor plan, abundant storage and all the windows. I wouldn't recommend going any smaller if you're full timing. I'm not familiar with the Cedar Creek but you want to make sure you have access to the fridge, bathroom and perhaps the bedroom with your slides in and see if it's rated for full time use. Check to see if there is a Cedar Creek owners forum for reviews.
      Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Good points about access. It is so hard to find a floor plan that has all three. We did buy the 34RL, and except for the fridge it has 'ok' access with slides in. Looks like the 3665E is similar in specs. Hope to see you out there! Take care.