Saturday, Sunday and Monday, February 27, 28 and 29, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Saturday morning Harry and Vicki picked us up at 10:00 and we headed into Parker for a shopping run.
After a stop at Walmart (we'll catch Safeway on our way home), we went to Strokes Bar and Grill and enjoyed a delicious lunch and great conversation...

It was about 3:00 by the time we got home...time to quickly get the groceries put away and then find some shade outside. It was another warm day!

A couple of hours later we joined the group over by Greg and Cori's...tonight we're having a margaritas and tacos night. Professional bartender, Bill, is the official margarita maker...

Harry "double-fisting"...
Red and Pam (with Dominic between them)...
Taco time!

A rare picture of the two of us together...cheers!
Finally some clouds so we can have a nice sunset...
There was even music and a dance floor! Pam and Kelly swinging their hips while Lee gets a campfire going...
Chillin' around the fire...Red, Kelly, Bill, Greg (with Hobie) and Cori...
Me, Dino, Lisa, Vicki, Harry, Jim and Barb...
Pam and Red dancing to a good ol' country tune...

We had a great evening filled with plenty of good food, conversation, music...and of course, margaritas! After receiving a recommendation from our bartender (Bill), to drink plenty of water and take ibuprofen before going to bed, we all called it a night. Thanks was a blast!

Sunday morning we washed up the quads...that's it for our quad riding here in the Arizona desert.

At 1:00, good friends, Ken and Charlene, from Cochrane, Alberta stopped by for a visit. They have been staying in the Phoenix area and are headed to Los Algodones, MX so Charlene can get some dental work taken care of. Steve and Ken have been friends since they were 5 years old as neighbours in Regina, Saskatchewan...and have stayed in touch, at least calling each other a couple of times each year and getting together whenever possible.
Ken is prepared for their trip across the border!
After a couple of hours, they continued on with their journey south...great seeing you both again! Maybe we'll manage to get together again while down in Los Algodones or Yuma!

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing more pre-departure packing. We took down the clothes line and Steve loaded the quads back into the truck...

We were sitting in the shade of the truck relaxing when we heard Lee's drone. He had offered to take some aerial pictures of everyone's rig...

See us sitting in the shade?

Shortly after 5:00 Earl and Allison came over...we enjoyed drinks and then went inside for dinner. We had BBQ pork tenderloin with rice and cold slaw. Right after dinner, we headed back outside to enjoy the evening and continue our visit. It was beautiful out and it must have been around 8:00 when we called it a night. Wonderful spending some time with you both this winter!

Monday, we continue with our pack-up in preparation for leaving Tuesday...hard to believe we have been in this area for four months!

We also said good by the Dino and Lisa...great meeting you both and hope that our paths cross again sometime down the road!

Just before 11:00 we headed into town with Red and Pam...we all had a bunch of errands to run and we thought one final lunch out here in Quartzsite was in order. We enjoyed lunch together at The Yacht Club...but I can't believe we forgot to take a picture! Sheesh! We finished all of the errands and arrived back home by 1:00.

We hooked the trailer up to the truck and Steve puttered around organizing and putting stuff away in the trailer...while I sat inside the hot trailer working on this blog. Geez...what a gal has to go through, LOL!

With most of the work done...and it being 84F/29C outside, we decided to find some shade and relax outside until happy hour. Les and Sue stopped by to say goodbye...they are here until the middle of April. Great seeing you again this travels on your trip to Alaska this summer!

At 4:00 we walked over to join the gang gathering over at Bill and Kelly's. We sat in the shade enjoying drinks and conversation. But the highlight for Steve was when Lee brought out his drone...he was filming Greg and Bill on top of Bill's fifth-wheel...
After Lee had finished, he gave Steve a lesson on flying it. Very cool...maybe some day you'll have your own, Steve!

After dinner, the gang had a campfire going...Steve went out and joined them for a bit. I went over and said goodbye to Lee, Tracy, Greg and Cori, who were all leaving early in the morning. I also bid Harry and Vicki farewell...they will be here another week before they say goodbye to Q. So good meeting you all! Safe travels!


  1. Safe travels guys, enjoy your quiet time on the road over a he next few weeks!

  2. It was nice to meet you guys and hope to see you down the road sometime. Travel safe.

  3. Hard to believe how fast the time has gone..
    Enjoy the full hook ups at the next stop.. Soon we will all be together again!!
    Looking forward to seeing the two of you again!!