Monday, March 7, 2016 (Travel to Salt Creek, Salton Sea State Recreation Area, California)

We were packed up and ready to leave shortly after 9:00 this morning. After big hugs with Pam and Red, we said our goodbyes. SO very good spending time with you again this year! It's been quite the winter season with so many RV-Dreamers gathering (Upwards of 50) in Quartzsite. It was a very busy season and great meeting so many new folks...but Steve and I are looking forward to some alone time (and drying out a bit) as we start our journey north. Gosh...we'll have no one to talk to except to each other! LOL!

It was a cloudy and much cooler morning as we pulled out of Fortuna De Oro RV Park and made our way to I-8 west. It was also still quite windy out...sand drifting across the freeway...
 Canal as we approach the Imperial Sand Dunes...

 Some 4-wheelers having fun on the dunes...

 The black line along the far edge of the freeway is the USA/Mexico border...
 Just before El Centro, we took highway 111 north...
Superior Cattle Feeders Stockyard...couldn't fit all the steaks and burgers into the photo there were so many :-)

 The Salton Sea...and some wicked clouds! Hope we can make it to the campground before it rains!
Other than just a brief rain squall about 10 miles before the turnoff, we made it to Salt Creek Beach dry...but man it was windy!

This first site along the beach looks nice...but we continued on to check out the other spots. There was only one other RV there...a small teardrop trailer.
We filled the fresh water tank from one of the water spigots and then went back to the first site that we liked. By this time, the wind had calmed down considerably...
View from our door...

We leveled off, unhitched and got all set up. We gained an hour by travelling into California, so it was only early afternoon when we were all finished and ready to go for a walk.

By this time, the clouds had broken and there was quite a bit of blue sky...
 The beach is covered with small barnacles, not sand...

 Lots of birds in flight...

There's always dead fish along the shoreline...
Our rig in the distance...

A Pelican in flight above one along the shore...

After our walk, we relaxed in the sunshine and then Steve decided to wash some windows...with such a beautiful view, clean windows are a must!

Just before 5:00 we decided to head inside. The cloud cover was getting thicker and with the breeze it was getting quite chilly. So we hunkered down inside watching TV for the rest of the evening. While I was preparing dinner, we got a surprise phone call from Jim and Barb. They wanted to make sure we were okay because we hadn't been by ourselves since last October. Too funny...thanks guys for thinking of us and being so concerned :-)


  1. enjoy your stay at the Salton Sea.. I know a four legged boy who would have a grand old time rolling in those lovely dead fish!!..
    Drying out?.. That's funny!!!.... It will be short lived!!

    1. LOL...yes, I thought of him! He'd love it here! But I don't think he'd like the repercussion from mom and dad! Give my Tucker boy a hug for me...xo

  2. Great place to dry out and decompress!! Looked like a nice place...especially since the smell was okay!!

    1. We learned that the smell isn't from dead fish but from algae blooms that die and decay. The wind stirs everything up. This is as a result from agriculture and fertilizer runoff in the area.

  3. Isn't it weird to look around and just having it be the two of you? Relax and enjoy your trip north, I am guessing your grandkids will keep you plenty busy when you get to B.C!

    1. It must be weird for you guys too! Thanks for the call...looking forward to showing you guys around when you get to BC.
      Safe travels!

  4. Desolate is the word that comes to mind when looking at those pictures:)

    1. Yes, it is rather desolate. But it's nice seeing water again!