Saturday and Sunday, March 5 and 6, 2016 (Fortuna De Oro RV Park, Yuma, AZ)

Saturday was a chore day. I coloured my hair first thing...time to wash away the grey! After that, we packed three bags of laundry onto the truck and Steve drove me over to the laundromat. Since he managed to find a spot to park the beast, he left me with the keys and walked back to our site.

While I was busy with laundry, Steve was equalizing the batteries, flushing the black tank...along with assorted other chores that needed to be taken care of while we had the luxury of full hookups.

It really was a fast day...when I got back, I put all the clean laundry away and made up our bed, and then started preparations for dinner tonight. Next thing I knew it was going on 4:00...and Cec and Alan pulled up!

Poor Cec just had surgery on her shoulder on Tuesday...she has her whole right arm immobilized. To make matters worse, she is right handed...what a pain! Glad you are on the mend, Cec! Good luck with the physio coming up!

We sat outside visiting...and when the pork tenderloin Steve was grilling was done, we headed inside for dinner. We also discovered that today was Cec's birthday...had we known, we would have had a birthday cake for her! Happy Birthday, Cec....glad you shared it with us!

After dinner we cleared the dishes away and brought out the Rummikub game. I think we played five games...Alan and Steve each won one and I won three. Cec had a shut winning games for her tonight!

We had been watching the weather forecast...a big wind storm was coming through. A wind warning had been posted with steady winds 25-30 mph and gusts 40 to 50 mph, so Sunday morning, we made the decision to stay put for another day.

Steve and I walked down to the office and paid for another our 3 free nights ended up with us staying for 6 nights, having to pay for 3...that averages out to $18.73/night, not too bad, I guess. Especially since we had full hookups and could use the AC...not to mention all of the happy hours by the pool!

Red and Pam had also decided to stay another night, so we ended up going into town and running a few errands with them...including lunch out at Applebee's, and a quick Walmart stop.
As it turned out the wind storm really didn't materialize until late afternoon. The four of us were walking down to enjoy another happy hour by the pool when you could see the dust storm heading our way. Mike, Deb and Gary were just on their way home from the pool...apparently everyone was clearing out. Not to be cheated out of a happy hour, Steve suggested going to the saloon as we hadn't been there yet and "weather" it out there!

After our drinks out (Pam and I both had a very good pina colada while the guys enjoyed their beer), we walked back to the rigs and Red and Pam came over for more drinks...and dinner. I had picked up a roast chicken at Walmart, Pam brought over left over baked beans that she had that with the left over green salad from dinner last night made for a very good dinner tonight.

Steve put on our very favourite DVD...The Eagles! And we had an "Eagles Party". Unfortunately, our DVD player hadn't been used for a while and was pretty dusty causing the DVD to skip a bit...but Steve cleaned it the best he could and it wasn't too bad.

Our last night with Pam and Red...tomorrow, they head east...and we head west/then north.


  1. Dang, we should have had an Eagles party in Quartzsite! Next year...... Have fun traveling north!

    1. While we were watching, we mentioned an Eagles Party for next, we just have to remember! Fun, fun.

    2. You Eagles party will be on the agenda for next year!