Wednesday, December 30, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Another gorgeous, but cold, start to the day. We're making good use of our new propane heater! The day started off as usual. As we were sitting with our coffee, I received a text from Deb...she's going into Blythe to pick up a few things, do I want to go with her? Sure!

So at 9:00 she picked me up and off we went. After stops at Smart and Final, Ace Hardware (I picked up a 2' Christmas Tree for $5...adding to my collection of decorations for next year), and Albertson's, we were on our way home.

As we pulled into La Posa South, there was a familiar rig pulled over getting a was Red and Pam! Pam had texted me yesterday saying they were on their way...arriving a couple of days earlier than originally planned. We stopped and spoke briefly to Red...they were going to fill up with fresh water and then come around to our area and decide where to set up.

Deb dropped me and my groceries off...thanks again, Deb, for taking me along! I had just finished putting the groceries away when Red and Pam pulled in. After big hugs, we showed them a couple of options of where to make camp. They made their decision and Red pulled their rig around...and we left them to get set up.

Steve and I had a bite to eat for lunch...and then I worked on our blog post for yesterday while Steve sat outside reading.

At 4:00, we went over to Jim and Barb's for happy hour...left to right...Red, me, Deb, Ray, Barb, Jim and Pam...

We also found out that today was Jim's birthday! I won't reveal his age,,, but I will say, he's just a youngster! Happy Birthday, Jim!

We had a wonderful time chatting and enjoying some great appies but as the sun went down at 5:30, it got quite chilly, so all called it a night. Glad you are here, Pam and Red...looking forward to catching up with you! Our little community here is continuing to grow...