Monday, December 28, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We started off our day the usual way...sitting in our recliner with our coffee, laptop/iPad on our laps, and watching the BCTV morning new (from Vancouver).

A couple of hours later we decided it was time to get on with the day. We did our resistance exercises...yeah, about time we got back into that routine! After that, I had a little breakfast while Steve jumped into the shower. I left Steve having his breakfast and headed out for a brisk walk...all bundled up (although it had warmed up a bit, the temp outside when we got up was 32F/0C).

Forty minutes later, I was back home, just as Steve was going across the road to chat with Bob who was over at Art and Jan's. Well, I guess there ended up being a bunch of them gathering for a chat because I had had my shower, dried my hair and had started on the dishes by the time Steve reappeared...just in time to dry the dishes.

I spent the afternoon working on budget/banking stuff. Steve puttered around outside and went into town for propane and a birthday card for Art. A bunch of us are all gathering at Silly Al's Pizza for dinner tonight to celebrate Art's birthday.

At 4:40 we walked over to Jim and Barb's and grabbed a ride to Silly Al's with them. There was quite a gathering...from left to right, going around the, Barb, Jim, Terri, Fred, Vince, Chuck, Bob, Sue (can't really see her), Lori, Jan, Art, Janet and Alan...
 Jan and the birthday boy, Art...

Good thing we were at Silly Al's the time we left there was an hour and a half wait! And it's not even January yet! After a lovely evening, we were home shortly after 6:30...but it seemed a lot later! Thanks for ride, Jim and Barb!

Tomorrow we are going out for a quad ride...looking forward to it!

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