Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, November 29, 30 and December 1, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Well, we're down to the last three days before we leave for Cabo San Lucas...lots of stuff to get done around here before we head off.

The main thing on Steve's agenda for today was to empty the trailer tanks and fill with fresh water. Unfortunately, part of that just wasn't going to happen...he decided to try turning on his new FloJet Portable Macerator before actually opening the black tank valve. Good thing he did...because it didn't work! He discovered a blown fuse in the line from the RV batteries, Luckily he had an extra fuse, but that one also blew when he turned the pump on again. That line worked fine the other day when he used our spare water pump. Just to make sure he hooked the macerator pump to his electric boat motor battery. The pump ran for a split second then blew it's internal fuse. Great! Obviously it has an internal short.

After making a trip into town to buy more fuses, Steve filled up the fresh water least that works!
In addition to arranging the return of the mascerator pump to Amazon and ordering a replacement, I did some other on-line stuff and then got started on one of my winter out my bedroom dresser drawers and closet. Well, I managed to get a couple of drawers least that's a start!

I even managed to get out for a walk, stopping by Sue and Bob's place for a chat.

Oh yeah...I also did a little Christmas decorating. Our tree, Santa...and the new battery operated lights...
Monday morning we headed into town...Steve dropped me off at Main Street Laundry while he went off to Quiet Times to ship the mascerator pump back and then to fill up the propane tanks.

We were home by 11:30....then it was time to christen my new clothesline...
This big Sky Crane helicopter few over...
Once the laundry was up, we had lunch...and then it was time to get the truck washed. We decided to wash it here, using the water from the trailer. But with the water so hard, it will spot if it isn't wiped right off after that was my job. We actually made a pretty good team...but it was still a big job. It was going on 4:30 by the time it was done. Steve has always made sure all of our vehicles were spotless before taking them in for servicing. That way he knows every ding and mark and hopefully treated better at the dealer.
We were just about to sit down and relax with a bevie when this fellow flew over...very cool...
If you look hard, centre left, you will also see an RC glider. It was a busy day in the sky today...
Bob popped over and joined us for a bevie and offered to pump out our tanks in the morning...sweet!
A sun-dog...
And a beautiful sunset...

Tuesday was another work day. Steve started by filling the fresh water tank in the trailer...most of what he had put in the other day was used washing the truck yesterday.

He had just finished that when Bob came over to dump our tanks. Since our new maserator had to be returned, we really didn't want to leave full tanks sitting for two weeks, "Yay, Bob to the rescue!" Shortly after taking this picture Bob realized that nothing was being pumped into the barrel. Geez! Onto plan C...Arts macerator. After pumping me out Bob did Arts and then his own. Thanks Bob!!
Bob also managed to get his pump working while at the dump. Oh,,,and while at the sani dump Steve and Bob got to talking to the fellow that has the glorious duty of watching the area and found out that he sells the FloJet macerator complete with 15' of 3/4" hose for $235! We paid $276 at Amazon and it cost us $30 to send the defective one back to the re-seller! So if you're coming to Q and you're in the market for one...

The rest of the day was spent getting ready to head off tomorrow. I got what I could packed while Steve took care of things outside. Steve walked over to our neighbour Brian's to let him know that we would be away. He was busy rebuilding his neighbours macerator pump. It's been quite the day for pumps!

Around 3:30, we walked down to see Bob and Sue. They will be watching our place for us and we wanted to drop off keys. After having a beer with them, we headed back home to finish a few things off. Thanks so much for keeping an eye on our place, Bob and Sue! Very much appreciated!

Well, it's hard to believe that eight months have gone by since I made reservations for our trip to Cabo...but it's here! We leave for Phoenix tomorrow, will drop the truck off (again) at Midway Chevrolet (hopefully, it will be fixed once and for all by the time we get back), spend the night at La Quinta Inn and fly to Cabo Thursday morning. Looking forward to it!


  1. Have fun in Cabo, relax and have a few umbrella drinks!

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  3. that's quite the Christmas tree..don't let Doug see it!..
    not much luck with those macerator pumps..hope the new one works better!!
    Have fun in Cabo..have a few drinks for us..maybe '60' or so?
    miss you both!! can't believe it has been eight months since you booked..time goes by so quickly!

  4. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Cabo....Have a few Margarita's on me.....