Thursday and Friday, November 5 and 6, 2015 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

It was pretty chilly in the trailer when we got up this morning...57F/14C. Needless to say, we had the furnace running. I think the first thing on our "to do" list once we get over to Quartzsite is to get our propane heater fixed...the darned mice got into it last summer and started pulling the platinum pad apart, Hopefully we'll be able to order a new pad and fix it.

We had a lazy morning while we waited for it to warm up we could get out on the quads for a ride. By the time we had had breakfast and cleaned up...and gotten our stuff ready, it was after 10:30 and it had warmed up considerably.
So off we went...fingers were crossed that we don't have any problems with my quad stalling out!

We were looking for the area that Armand and Anne had taken Steve on a ride last March to a spot where there are some interesting "five-spot" flowers. However we ended up in the wrong wash that was also an interesting area.
Steve could see the hill he was looking for in the distance so we doubled back...

We found the wash and could see our destination in the distance...

We had stopped just before the hill to admire the muddy rock formations when my quad quit...and wouldn't start up again. Well, okay then, we'll just leave the quads here and walk the short distance further.

There were no flowers this time of year but here are pictures from last March 7th...

My quad started up fine when we got back to them...but Steve wanted to ride it for a bit to check it out. It seemed fine so we switched back. Now when we stop, I just turn it off and then start it back up again. Steve has since done some research into the problem and he thinks it might be a spark plug so he'll install my spare plug when we get to Quartzsite.

We're in snow LOL! Not's an old calcium carbonate mine site area...

We were back home just before 2:00...we'd had a great 3 hour ride on a beautiful day! After putting our stuff away, Steve headed outside to take care of a few chores....empty some water containers into the trailer, gas up the generator, etc...while I puttered around inside.

At 4:00 we walked up to join Dennis and Charlene for happy hour. We enjoyed chatting with them for a couple of hours and then headed home. Charlene replenished our supply of 'Toastie Toes'...they are awesome on these cooler mornings and evenings. Thanks Charlene!!

Friday morning we headed off at about 10:30...we thought we'd drive to Quartzsite and see what spots were available....we plan on moving over there on Monday. It was a beautiful...but

As we pulled into La Posa South, we were hoping that one of two spots that we liked would be available. The one on the wash between Fred/Terri and Rob/Peggy was already taken but our old spot across from Earl and Allison/Art and Jan was open, so we pulled into it,,,that will work!

We walked across to see Art and Jan (Earl and Allison won't be down for a few weeks yet). We had a lovely chat with them catching up with what everyone had been doing over the summer. A friend of their's also stopped was nice meeting you, Sara. After almost an hour, we decided we had better get on our way, so we put our table in the spot to save it and Art lent us a couple of chairs to add, then we were on our way. Art and Jan will also keep an eye on it for us.

After a stop at the RV Pit Stop to fill a 5 gallon container with drinking water, we decided we were hungry and were going to stop at McDonald's but as we drove by Silly Al's, we changed our mind about where to go. Silly Al's sounds like a good idea, so Steve turned around. We enjoyed Amber Boch beer and pizza for a much quieter Silly Al's! Just wait for another month or so!

On our way back to Blythe we stopped at the Texaco Station  in Ehrenberg, AZ and filled up with diesel...the best price around at $2.40/gallon. After a stop at Miller Park to fill our other 2 water containers up with water for the trailer, we did some grocery shopping and finally got home at about 4:30.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the TV as the wind rocked the trailer...seems we've sure had a lot of wind on this trip!

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  1. nice day for a quad ride..looks like the two of you are 'enjoying being retired again'!