Monday, November 9, 2015 (Travel to La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Well the first order of business for Steve this morning was calling the funeral home to get things started but he had to leave a message and await a return call.

We were all packed up and were just finishing with the stabilizers when Dennis and Charlene came down to say goodbye. After big hugs, they left...Dennis headed into town to get those noises in the jeep checked out while Charlene walked back to their rig. So great spending time with them...we'll stay in touch and connect again before we head home in the Spring.

Steve was doing his final check of the rig (his "walk around") and I was waiting at the back of the rig to do the light check when I heard some cursing from Steve...the second grey water tank repair was leaking, again! He was not a happy camper! In addition to Love's Truck Stop to have the a leaky trailer tire valve stem fixed, it looks like we will also be stopping at RV Lifestyles before setting up camp at La Posa South.

After a stop at the sani-dump and then at the garbage bins, we were on our was well after 9:30 by this time. It was a gorgeous day as we made our way east along the I-10...crossing the Colorado River...
Into Arizona...
Our first stop...RV Lifestyles...
Steve talked to the fellow in the Service Dept who went and got a technician to look at it. They can't do anything for us today so wanted Steve to book an appointment...well, we are going to drop it off Thursday morning before we head to Phoenix. We will pick it up when we get back after our trip to Victoria. Now Steve will have to call RVZZ in Washington, Utah to see if they will cover the cost of fixing their failed repair as well as dealing with funeral arrangements long distance. Sheesh!

Our next stop was just down the street at Love's Truck Stop. They had installed our warranty replacement wheels on the trailer last March before we headed north. The very first time Steve tried to add air, the valve stem needle valve failed to close and kept hissing. When the wheels were installed they recommended using balancing beads instead of lead weights and this required using the special needle valve that has a special spring in it to stop the beads from escaping. The service tech robbed a needle valve from one of the packages of balancing beads and installed it but the air continued to rapidly escape so he said it was a defective valve stem and they don't carry them that small. Last year as a favour the previous manager allowed us to have our new wheels to be shipped and stored there until we were ready to leave Q then they would swap them out. Now they don't have the equipment to work on anything smaller than a semi truck tire so they had to do everything manually and the valve stems were specially ordered in. The service tech said he would contact the previous manager to see if he had any left or where to get them. Sheesh! So we'll get this done when we return and pick up the trailer from RV Lifestyles.

Finally...we pulled into La Posa South LTVA! It was going on about 2:00 by this time...we had also lost an hour as we changed time zones.

After filling up the trailer with water, we continued on to our spot in the desert. We pulled out the compass to ensure we were aligned east/west for the best solar panel exposure...leveled off, unhitched and got ourselves all set up. Too bad we'll have to pack it all back up come Thursday morning...sheesh again!

Ahhh....home, sweet home...for now...


  1. Sorry to hear about Steve's dad. It is never easy even when you are expecting it. I hope everything goes well.

    1. Thank you Jim and Barb for your condolences. See you in Q!