Wednesday, June 19, 2013 (Monkman RV Park, Tumbler Ridge, BC)

It was a socked-in rainy day today...all day!  So we had another "inside" day.  We didn't hear any noise in the ceiling this morning so hopefully our little "friend" has moved on.  Steve did say he thought he heard something maybe in the basement area but with the workers in the campsite getting ready for work who knows, it could have been anything. 

It was one of those days where we just puttered around...and managed to get stuff done that had been put-off.  Steve started with pulling apart the cupboard under the kitchen counter where the hot water tank is.  He's been trying to figure out where the little critters are getting in and with finding some droppings in the lower kitchen drawers, he thought they may be getting in through the basement. 

There are so many openings in the floor where pipes have to come through and of course, the openings around the pipes are not sealed.  So he stuffed steel wool around the pipes to prevent access that way.

In order to pull that cupboard apart, he needed to empty it first...which lead to the next job on his agenda.  The cupboard is where we have been storing all sorts of literature on all the places we have been...or may be going to.  So instead of just putting it all back once he had put the cupboard back together, he sorted it.  After finishing with that cupboard, he moved on to one in the bedroom.  Once he was finished "cleaning out", he had a bag of old pamphlets, brochures, etc that weighed in at 16 pounds.  So our load in our fifth-wheel is now 16 pounds lighter!

While he was doing all of this, I was on the laptop working on our budget and paying bills...yeah...all that fun stuff.  I thought I had better get ahead of bill payments while I had an internet connection.  Speaking of internet connection, I checked the Telus service coverage looks like we may be okay as we go through northeastern BC but as highway 97 winds to the west/northwest, we may be without service until we near Whitehorse, YT.  So, it looks like there is going to be a stretch without any blog just means we have no internet and I will update as soon as we are back into a service area.

The rest of the afternoon, we both spent researching our route...stops and things to see along the way.  As you know, we never have a "set in stone" itinerary when we travel...instead, we have a general idea of our route and plan our stops and things we want to do and see as we go.  We've had two days here sitting in the rain and since the forecast for tomorrow is for sunshine in the afternoon, we would book a jet boat tour to see the Kinuseao Falls for tomorrow and then leave Friday.  The other option would of been to drive about 53 km on a rough logging road to the falls. Unfortunately we will not get out on our ATVs to explore some of the hundreds of miles of ATV trails.  But with so much rain, I'm sure there would be so much mud...Steve thinks that would be, well, I'm not a big mud kinda gal!

So hopefully the weather does what it is supposed to...we see the Falls tomorrow, and then continue our travels north Friday.

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