Tuesday, June 18, 2013 (Monkman RV Park, Tumbler Ridge, BC)

We were woken up bright and early this morning...at 4:30... by a scratching sound in the ceiling beside the TV.  Steve heard it yesterday morning at 3:30 as well around the roof antenna crank arm. At first he thought it was a bird on the roof but it continued immediately after thumping the ceiling, so he went outside to check...even climbing up to the roof...no, it isn't birds.  It looks like we have a mouse in the ceiling...good grief...what next?!  Steve said you wouldn't believe how light out it is at 3:30...sunrise is at 4:30.

A further inspection around the trailer found other indications that we had unwanted visitors...even in the basement area and kitchen counter drawers.  We always keep a Fresh Cab packet on the kitchen floor near the corner of the slider where they have always entered before and have not had any visitors since we started using it.  However, it looks like we need more packets distributed in other parts of the trailer.  There is an electrical box in the ceiling of the bedroom for adding another AC unit that just happens to be half way directly between the two areas we heard the scratching noises. So Steve took the cover plate off and removed the box and placed a Fresh Cab packet up into the ceiling.  We have no idea how they got into the ceiling...maybe through the front storage area. We also think that they may be getting in through the hot water tank area under the counter and travel the full length of the counter into the kitchen drawers...so he put another packet in behind the drawers. Steve plans on disassembling the shelving under the counter above the hot water tank to inspect and plug any areas they may be entering.  In addition to the Fresh Cab packets, he also set a couple of mouse traps...so hopefully we are covered and we rid the trailer of these rodents!!

We have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning today...with the potential for large hail, damaging wind and heavy rain.  Consequently, we didn't have anything planned for today other than to hunker down and wait it out.  The rain was expected to start at noon, so just before then we thought we would get outside for some fresh air and a little exercise by going for a walk around the campground.  Well, they were pretty well spot on with their prediction, because it wasn't long into our walk when we felt the first raindrops.  Our walk ended up being a pretty short one...about 10 minutes later we were back into the trailer and out of the rain.

Although the weather warning was up all day, we really didn't experience much other than heavy clouds with sporadic rainfall.  Heavy rain is forecast overnight...so maybe we will escape the big storm that was predicted.

I worked on our blog most of the day, getting it all up-to-date.  As we travel further north, I am expecting to have sporadic Internet connections, so I may be doing "catch-up" fairly often.  While I was sitting at the dining table with the laptop, a couple of riders on horses came through the campground.  I was a little slow getting my camera out, but I did manage to capture this picture.

After dinner we had a nice chat with Steve's uncle and aunt on Skype.  At first, the signal wasn't great so Gordon and Esther were a little choppy but we continued anyway, the signal improved and we had a good half hour chat with them.


  1. If you are looking for horses you can go down the wolverine valley road...the mine is around kilometer 13-15 and there is an outfitter at KM35 that always has a dozen or so horses. I know I had mentioned Faro to you before but I forgot to tell you the towns campground is right in the middle of town and was very nice when we were there as well as being practically empty and it is dirt cheap and another thing you might like is they have miles and miles and miles of ATV trails out in to the wilderness...and the whole town is nothing but friendly! And if you do decide to go up the Dempster highway most everyone stops at the arctic circle and turns around but keep going a little bit further to the Yukon/NWT Border and it is just an awesome sight.

  2. Thanks for all of your tips, Brian. Right now, all we have is a general route planned out. We are headed to Whitehorse and then into Alaska (not even sure where yet)...so unfortunately, I don't think Faro is in our plans. However, one thing we have learned with this lifestyle is that our plans often change!

  3. I understand :) We spent months in Alaska and didn't even get close to seeing it all...you'll have a blast!