Friday, June 14, 2013 (Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park, Quesnel, BC)

We decided to hunker down here for a few days because of the weather forecast, although not bad here, was calling for heavy rain where we were headed...Prince George and further north.  With no hook-ups and limited water (in the trailer), I was having to get used to boondocking again.  I had gotten used to unlimited running water (without listening to the pump hum away) and not worrying about holding tank well as turning on lights and appliances without worry of power use.  In other words, I had gotten "soft" during our month at Fort Langley!

It's really quite peaceful here right now...the "calm before the storm" as I understand it gets very busy once school is out.  I am surprised that we don't have a better signal on our Telus's inconsistent and at the very best I can send and receive emails.  Research on-line is slow...particularly if both Steve and I are using it.  We are not that far north yet...and only 12 kms outside of Quesnel...

We spent the morning returning emails and then I decided to try working on our blog.  Steve thought he would walk down to the lake and try a little fishing.  Working on the blog proved to be an exercise in uploading pictures with a slow internet was excruciating! Consequently, I didn't get very far.

Steve returned about 45 minutes later. There were already 2 guys fly fishing from the swimming float so he had very limited area to fly cast from the boat launch...especially with the head wind. If the forecast wasn't still calling for rain he would of launched the boat.

So we sat outside as the weekend campers started to arrive.  Apparently there are 30 kids arriving for a Scouts campout...luckily, they were camping at the other end of the campground, so our peace and quiet wasn't really disrupted much!

The weather forecast has improved for tomorrow, so we will be continuing our travels north.

Since I have no pictures for today's post, I thought I would include one of our grandson, Conner.  He is currently in Winnipeg with his mom, Angie, visiting family...our son, Rob, will be joining them next Saturday.  Thanks for this picture, Angie...Conner at 19 weeks.

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