Supplemental Post--enroute to Yukon and Alaska....

We have had no Internet (at least not strong enough to post blog) since we left Northern Lights RV Park in Dawson Creek.  Consequently, I am going to have a big job ahead of me getting caught up once we have service....not likely until we hit Whitehorse.

As of right now (June 28), we are in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, BC.....and having a blast! Spectacular scenery!!!  Stay tuned.....


  1. Can't wait to follow your trip! We haven't been to Alaska yet...someday!

    Travel safely!

  2. We are in northern Maine and our verizon internet mifi works, but only on the Canadian Towers which mean we paying ROAMING charges!!!! So, we only use the internet with the Free campground wifi. I guess we will have to buy some sort of Canadian plan when we travel to Alaska???

    We'll be here when you get back;o))

  3. Hi Bill and Nancy! We have a Verizon MiFi for our travels in the States (and a Telus Mifi for Canada)...have never had any problems with roaming as we get close to the Canadian border...better watch for that! Yes, you should look into travel plans into Canada with Verizon, could be costly though.