Saturday, June 15, 2013 (Travel to a Roadside lookout at Azouzetta Lake, BC)

We pulled out of Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park shortly after 9:00 this morning.  We decided to drive the 12 kms back to Quesnel and use their municipal sani-dump.  It is free and much easier to get in and out of!  It didn't take long before we were on the road heading north to Prince George.  It was a gorgeous morning!

On the outskirts of Prince George, we stopped at a Flying J station to fuel up with diesel...we have been seeing the price of diesel quite a bit lower than gas, which is different than down in southern BC.  It has been $1.30/litre vs about $1.41/litre for gas.  After fueling up, we pulled across the street and put 25 gallons of fresh water in the is the nifty water gauge that Steve picked up a few weeks ago. We have heard that on average people use about 5 gallons of water per day so for boondocking purposes we know how much water to carry for the amount of days we have no hookups.

After we were done, we continued through Prince George to a Save-on-Foods grocery store on the northern outskirts.  I headed in to pick up some groceries while Steve cleaned the windows of the truck, bought some beer (at the BC Liquor Store that just happened to be in the same complex) and talked to lots of passer-byers about the our rig. 

He was waiting patiently for me as I finally emerged from the store.  We stored the groceries away, ate our lunch and then hit the road...we couldn't believe it was going on 2:00 already!

We drove into some real ugly clouds...hmmmm...looks like rain! Yes, we had a good downpour!

 As we drove by McLeod Lake, we started seeing blue sky again...

We saw black bears on this stretch of highway...Steve said he saw a cub with her...unfortunately the picture I tried to get turned out blurry. There are also grizzly bears in BC.

187 kms north of Prince George we came to Bijoux Falls Provincial is a day-use only park, but it was time for a break, and since there was a nice large pull-out across the street from the entrance,  we pulled over.

The mist coming off these falls was amazing...very chilly!

It was great to get out and stretch our legs!  This is a picture Steve took as we crossed the highway back to the truck.  We are about to start climbing...a 6 to 10 percent grade for 5.6 kms to Pine Pass...

Pine Pass, elevation 3,061 feet/933 metres, is the highest point on the John Hart Highway (Hwy 97).  Such beautiful views of the Rockies...

7 kms later, we pulled into a paved turnout...overlooking Azouzetta Lake...this is where we have decided to spend the night...

...and you can't get a better view than this...

After we got the trailer leveled and the inside unpacked enough to sleep, it was cocktail time.  As a matter of fact while we were out there, a motorhome pulled in.  They came over to see if we would mind having, not at all!  We stood chatting for quite awhile with Dick and Dianne before we all decided it was time to go inside and have dinner. 

It rained while we were inside, creating a beautiful rainbow...unfortunately, it doesn't look as colourful as it really was...

After a quick dinner, Steve set up the Campfire-in-a-Can and we had a lovely evening chatting with our new friends.  Dianne and Dick are from Bend, Oregon and are just on their way back south after a trip to Alaska.  Perfect...we got some good tips...thanks guys!  It was after 9:30...and still very light out...when we decided to call it a night.

A very unexpected and wonderful evening!

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