Tuesday to Saturday, March 12 to 16, 2013 (North Saanich, BC)

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, I am not doing a daily blog...we are at our "other home" for a visit and have been spending lots of time with our new grandson, Conner.  We really haven't done much this week...just getting out for walks when weather permits (it's been a pretty rainy week!).

I got my haircut Wednesday and then Angie, Conner and I went to Costco for a little shopping.  Of course, Conner just charmed all the ladies out shopping!

Friday, Steve and I gave our quads a good cleaning in preparation for going in on Monday for servicing.  After that we met his dad in Sidney for coffee and then did a few errands before heading back home.

Friday night, we babysat Conner while Rob and Angie went out on a date.  Conner was just perfect the two and a half hours they were gone...he slept...so much so, that Steve and I kept checking on him to make sure he was okay!

This morning, Conner sat with grandpa...having a morning chat...

And gave us a little smile...it's quite amazing how much we have seen changes in him in just the past week...

Next week we will be busier...doctor, dentist and eye appointments...and lunch out with my "old" co-workers. Looking forward to connecting with them again!  Steve has plans to go shooting with son Rob and a couple of buddies. I also must schedule more "get together's" with other family and friends...I've just been very lazy this week!

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