Sunday and Monday, March 10 and 11, 2013 (North Saanich, BC)

Sunday was a nice relaxing family day as we spent time with Conner...and of course, his mommy and daddy (Angie and Rob). 

A little play time...

Just after 1:30, we all got ready and headed into Sidney to have coffee with Steve's Dad.  Yay...I get to go for a car ride...

We met him at his usual coffee place at 2:00...Conner slept through most of the visit with his great-grandpa. 
It wasn't a particulary nice day but it wasn't raining and it wasn't windy, so after coffee, we went down to the waterfront for a walk and some fresh air.

Monday morning, Rob was up bright and early...especially since we had lost an hour with the start of daylight savings head to work.  Steve and I were up shortly after 6:30 and settled in for our usual coffee start to the day.  It was getting close to 9:00 when Angie and Conner came downstairs...just in time to get ready to go out...we are meeting our very good friends, Rob and Nancy for breakfast at Mary's Blue Moon Cafe.

They met Conner for the first time...

Ahh...there's a smile!
 You'll note he has a different outfit on...Conner had a little accident and needed changing but unfortunately the restaurant didn't have a change table in the washroom...nor did it have much of a it was quite hilarious as Angie and I changed him balanced on the edge of the sink and the tiny bit of counter that there was! 

A couple of hours of chatting and catching up and it was time to head home.  It was so good seeing Nancy and Rob...hopefully we'll get a chance to connect at least once more before we leave.  Back home, we had a very lazy afternoon...Angie went for a nap while Conner, Steve and I chilled watching TV.  Actually, it wasn't long before Conner was asleep for his nap.

Later on, Steve and I managed to get out for a good power walk, getting back not long before Rob got home from work. 

After dinner, it was bath time for Conner...first was the hair wash...

...then time to get right in the water...

He loves his bath...

Ahhhh....that feels good!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting and watching TV.  Rob headed to bed early (he has very early mornings)...Angie and Conner headed up shortly after but were soon back downstairs.  I guess Conner just didn't feel it was bed time yet.  So he cuddled with grandma for a bit and then fell asleep.  I'm really loving my cuddles with him!

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  1. What a special time for your family! Enjoy every minute with that beautiful grandson.