Thursday, March 7, 2013 (Travel to Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA)

We woke to blue sky this, what a difference from yesterday!  It's going to be a great day to travel.

After stopping at the sani-dump to empty our grey water tanks, we were on our way to Countryside Interiors...our timing couldn't have been any better; it was 9:00...their opening time.

I had my camera in my pocket so I could take pictures of the fellows as they removed our old chairs and brought in the new ones...but, of course, I completely forgot...sheesh!  Oh well, here are the new ones all tied down and ready for a long travel day.

We were on our way at 9:30. We drove towards a fog bank as we neared the doesn't show up in the picture but there was lots of steam rising off the fields in the distance; it looked very eerie...

Once on the I-5, we headed north, away from the fog and clouds.  Steve had 2 major cities to drive through today...Portland was the first. There is a tram that goes over the freeway...

And an interesting bridge over the river...

Over the mighty Columbia River and into Washington State...

A few hours later, we drove through Seattle...
Did I mention how much Steve hates the I-5?
Many sections north of Tacoma and especially around Seattle are rough as fricken hell!!
(Steve here... Hey you road engineers out there...have you ever noticed how much smoother a paved road is compared to a cement road that's poured in sections!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The traffic on the other side of the freeway, heading south, was backed up for miles...and miles! Must of been an accident somewhere.

The further north we got, the cloudier it got...we were headed into some very dark clouds.

And sure enough, just a couple of miles out of Marysville it started we arrived at the Tulalip Resort Casino...and set the rain...

Naturally the rain stopped shortly after we were set up...leaving a beautiful rainbow as the clouds started to break up...

After 7 hours on the road, Steve was exhausted...time to relax in our new chairs...

Just before 7:00, we walked across to the casino for dinner and ate way too much...then waddled back home, feeling very uncomfortable.  And of course, we did what you shouldn't do after a huge meal...we went to bed (but it felt so good to be in a horizontal position!) and watched two (downloaded) episodes of Homeland on TV.


  1. Hi, Steve and Dianne! Just started following your blog. That is an amazing set up you have. Isn't it nice to be able to take all you want with you. Love your new chairs. We, too, purchased new recliners for our MH. Definitely an important feature.

    Enjoy your stay in the northwest. Hope the weather is alright.

    1. Thanks John and Pam. As full timers there just had to be a way to take all the toys!
      Checked out your blog...awesome pictures! We were going to go to Zion but ran out of time. Maybe next year, plus you have given us a preview of some other areas that look interesting.

      Safe travels.