Tuesday, July 31, 2012 (Lac le Jeune Provincial Park, Kamloops, BC)

Well, not an awful lot to report today...we didn’t do much.  After our usual start to the day, we did our resistance exercises and then I went for a 40 minute power walk around the campground while Steve finished up his exercises (I started before he did) and then showered.

I didn’t rush into anything this morning...isn’t that what retirement is all about?  When I got back from my walk, I ate a bowl of cereal outside on the picnic table enjoying the morning sunshine and then after doing the dishes, I decided it was time to head into the shower...it was after 10:30 by this time.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back...Steve spent his time on the iPad getting caught up with Howard and Linda Payne on their RV-Dreamers journal.  We are joining them September 18 in Oregon for their RV rally. 

I really enjoy being “on-line” now that we are in an area where we can pick up an internet signal.  So I spent my time on the laptop getting caught up with our banking, checking out Facebook and generally surfing around.  I even went shopping at The Bay, picking out a wedding gift for my niece's upcoming wedding...how convenient is that?!  Oh, I also chatted with Chris (our son) on MSN...yeah, I was bugging him at work!

Around 3:00 we decided to go for a bike ride around the campground...and then after dinner we went for a power walk around the perimeter loop...so we at least got a fair amount of exercise today.  We took these pictures from the campsite behind us (site 108 is a reservable site and has the best views) while out on our bike ride...

The fireweed is beautiful!

That is our campsite...and the back of our fifth wheel...

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