Friday, August 3, 2012 (Lac le Jeune Provincial Park, Kamloops, BC)

We woke to beautiful blue sky this is going to be a beautiful day.  After my usual coffee start to the day, I headed out on my morning power walk, leaving Steve to finish his coffee.

After breakfast and clean-up, Steve decided he was going to do some maintenance work today.  He spent the rest of the morning checking and topping up the batteries on the trailer and then moved onto the truck, checking and filling the coolant.  While he was doing this, I was reading.  I have become interested in learning about the affect of wheat on blood sugar levels...and thus visceral (belly) fat, so I downloaded a book (using Kobo) called “Wheat Belly”...a very interesting read.

For our bike ride this afternoon, we decided to go outside the park rather than ride around the campground again.  We rode to Lac le Jeune Resort at the west end of the lake...a mainly downhill ride, which meant it was uphill on the way back!  The "resort" really wasn't much to look at.  Then we rode passed the entrance to the campground, going the other direction to the end of that road...again, downhill...then back up!  I had turned on “MyTracks” on my smartphone but had forgotten to press “record track” so I don’t know how far we rode but we were gone just under an hour.  We certainly had our fill of uphill riding! (click on pictures to enlarge)

The picture above is to the right of this bridge....

...and this picture is to the left of the bridge...

Steve took a picture of this interesting looking dead must have been huge when it was alive.  That speck in the distance is me riding up the was a slow go...

We came across this fellow along the way...

We relaxed outside in the shade reading.  The sun was pretty darned hot but it was also quite windy out...we have decided that it is always windy here.  We spent our happy hour watching from our hillside vantage spot as the long weekend campers started to make their way in.

After dinner we called Steve’s sister, Nadine and had a nice conversation with her and husband, Mike.  It sounds like all is going well in the preparations to move Dad into Shoal Centre in Sidney.  We will be back in Victoria August 13 to help clean out his house and get it ready to go on the market.

We went for our “after dinner” power walk around the’s full for the long weekend...before settling down to watch TV (I was reading on my iPad).

For the second night in a row, an unwanted visitor got into our house.  Shortly after getting in bed, we heard the “snap” of the mousetrap...stupid mouse!!  This time Steve disposed of the intruder and reset the trap before getting back into bed.

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