Monday, August 6, 2012 (Lac le Jeune Provincial Park, Kamloops, BC)

It was another beautiful morning as I opened the blinds to let in the sunshine. But there was some high cloud forming and the forecast for later on called for thunderstorms.  The campground was really clearing out this morning...all of the long weekend campers were heading home.  On my morning walk I noticed a number of sites already vacated while others were in pack-up’s going to be a lot quieter around here tonight.

We really didn’t do much today...Steve was busy puttering around outside while I was inside on the laptop getting thoroughly frustrated.  For some reason the internet signal on our MiFi keeps dropping...then coming back again...and at times even when it says we have a signal, the laptop is so very slow responding.  At one point, the MiFi indicated it had a signal but it wouldn’t connect to it.  Hmmm...I hope it is just our semi-remote location that is the problem and not the MiFi acting up!

Steve had picked up some tubing at Home Depot the other day...he decided that he was going to make good use of the “spare” water pump we now have.  So he rigged up the tubing to the pump and with the spare battery, he is now able to easily pump water from the blue water containers into the trailer.  It works really well...he was very pleased that it worked so well...a lot easier than manually having to lift the containers to pour the water in.

As predicted, some big ugly clouds rolled in late this afternoon and the wind really picked up.  There was also some lightning off in the distance accompanied by some distant rumbling.  It had cooled down and was considerably cooler than it had been the last few days...a welcome relief come evening.

The wind had died down when we went for our “after dinner” walk, making it a very pleasant evening...but the sky was full of big dark clouds.  When we got back we thought that we would have a campfire...we hadn’t had one yet because it had been so hot.  Well, wouldn’t you know that the wind would start back up just as soon as we lit the fire!  The wind was whipping the smoke every which way making it impossible to sit and enjoy the fire...and then it wasn’t long before we felt some raindrops...figures!  Well...we “enjoyed” the campfire for about 20 minutes and then Steve poured water on it and we headed inside.

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