Saturday, June 23, 2012 (Maple Bay Campground, Cultus Lake Provincial Park, BC)

It wasn’t raining (yet) this morning so at around 11:00 we thought that we would go for a walk down to the lake and take our fishing rods with us.  We had hoped to either go quading or launch the boat but the forecast was iffy. Once out of the trees, we realized that there were a few patches of blue sky and the sun was actually trying to make an appearance.  It managed to a couple of times and it was quite warm.  We stood on the beach casting our lines into the lake and other than one bite that I had on my line, we were unsuccessful in our fishing endeavours.

After about 45 minutes, we decided to go around to the boat launch and try our luck there but once we got there, it was too busy...lots of kids around playing on the dock and we sat for a bit enjoying the view before walking back to our campsite.

We spent the afternoon resting and reading outside in our lounge chairs.  Shortly after 3:30 Steve decided to chop some firewood and get a campfire going.  The wood was wet so he had a hellava time getting it started but by adding extra paper and getting the fan out, he finally got it going.

While he had been trying to get the campfire going, we had noticed that it had gotten quite dark out...yup, there were some heavy clouds coming in.  Steve joked that it will probably start raining as soon as he gets the fire going.  Well, he was right on...but it wasn’t just a little rain!

It started with thunder and lightning, then wind...slight at first and then it got stronger and stronger...not a good thing when you are in the midst of lots of tall old trees!  We felt safer outside until the wind subsided a bit in case a tree or large branch came down.  We had just managed to get our chairs put away under the awning when all of a sudden the clouds gave way to a down pour of hail and heavy rain.  It was quite the storm...

After taking a few pictures, we scrambled least we had the trailer to go into to get out of the storm...I felt sorry for all of the tenters in the campground.  We noticed that some of our neighbours had retreated inside their vehicles.

In a matter of minutes, the ground was saturated...

After dinner we watched another movie..."Horrible Bosses"...too funny!

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