Friday, June 22, 2012 (Maple Bay Campground, Cultus Lake Provincial Park, BC)

We were surprised to see the sun shining this morning when we got up since the forecast is for rain today.  It was quite a lovely morning but the clouds did start rolling in and the rain started around noon.

Steve decided to walk down to the lake and do a little fishing by the creek.  I baked cookies and worked on our travel blog.  When I started to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops, I figured it wouldn’t be long before Steve returned.  Sure enough, he was soon back...he apparently caught a fish on his first cast but lost it while fumbling for his camera (sounds like a good fish story to me!)

The rest of the afternoon was spent inside...I was on the laptop while Steve had taken over the iPad.  By late afternoon, we tried sitting outside under the awning and do some reading but it wasn’t long before we gave up that idea and headed back was just too chilly out.

We watched a movie (J. Edgar Hoover) and then a recorded program.  After dinner and dishes, it had stopped raining so we went for a walk around the’s amazing the number of weekend campers that have arrived.  And most are in tents...with little kids...and in the rain!

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