Saturday to Friday, August 24 to 30, 2019 (Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

Saturday (August 24) morning Dennis and Suzanne picked us up just after 9:00. We are all headed to a nearby McDonald's where we are going to surprise our grandkids. First of all, it will be a surprise for Conner and Bryce merely because we haven't seen them since they left on vacation July 31...and secondly, the instigator of the main sister-in-law, Suzanne. She is quite the prankster. Conner and Bryce do not know that they are here visiting, so she plans on dressing incognito as a "crazy old lady" and sitting down at their table to steal some of their breakfast. It's okay, Mom and Dad will be there! But it was quite funny sitting in McDonald's watching peoples reaction to this sitting at a table...she did explain the plan to management and folks that came in before the kids arrived...
When the boys saw us, they came running over and received big hugs! But Conner had noticed this "lady" sitting at a nearby table and kept sneaking looks at her...too funny!

The boys reacted with reserve as this "lady" sat down taking their stuff...constantly looking at Angie for reassurance. After a few minutes, Suzanne gave the signal and my brother, Dennis walked over with their dog Dunkin hidden away in his carrying case. That produced huge smiles and laughter!

After breakfast, we went with Dennis and Suzanne to another brother's place. They had forgotten a couple of things at Dwight and Helen's where they had stayed for the last few nights. We only stayed a few minutes as they were getting ready to head out on a camping trip.

Dennis and Suzanne dropped us off back at home where we packed an overnight bag. We're meeting back up with them at Rob and Angie's house and spending the we can have a good visit, enjoying a few beverages and not have to drive Buster home.

Needless to say, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with the family...
Also a great way to celebrate Steve's birthday...Angie and Rob made a delicious dinner...
And, of course, a DQ Ice Cream Birthday Cake! It even had a picture of an RV on it! Of course, Bryce and Conner helped Grampa blow out the candles! (only 4 on it...not enough room to put the other 60 on it LOL!)
Happy Birthday, Steve! We love you!
Sunday (August 25) morning Steve and I were the first ones up...followed by Bryce, then Conner and then gradually the rest of the crew. We enjoyed coffee and visiting before Steve and I decided to get ourselves cleaned up.

Rob and Angie outdid themselves again...another delicious meal! Bacon, eggs, toast and a fantastic hashbrown casserole...yum!! Afterwards we sat out on the deck for awhile until Steve and I decided we should get home. Thanks so much for a wonderful time Rob and Angie...and it was great seeing you, Dennis and Suzanne! Safe travels home tomorrow.

Once home and unpacked, we had a pretty uneventful afternoon. Since we are getting behind on our blog updates, Steve decided to edit pictures and I sat outside in the sunshine knitting. Although sunny out, the breeze was still a little chilly.

Monday (August 26) we woke to clear sky and sunshine...we're back into a warming pattern with temps expected in the mid to upper 20's C by the end of the week.

The morning went by very quickly as Steve went out for his walk down to Island View Beach. While he was gone, I did the dishes and answered some emails. When he got back, we both busied ourselves with odds and ends...and then after lunch Steve went out to program our Kenwood truck stereo. This is a job he hates doing and the only reason he has to do it again is because he had disconnected the truck batteries when he had the instrument panel problems. If he had known how much programming was involved we never would have bought it. The manual has 76 pages! He must have been sequestered in the cab of the truck for almost 2 hours!

While he was busy in there, I went for a bike ride...getting in a good 20 minutes riding the roads in the RV park...and then sat outside with my knitting.

Our neighbours, Tammy and Andy, joined us for happy hour. We actually know Tammy's dad from our old days at the Sherwood Pub. Steve thought he had recognized Garry when he was visiting them...small world! They recently retired and are now fellow full-time RV'ers from Ontario. They have lots of questions and we are more than happy to help out. Unfortunately, no picture...sheesh!

Tuesday (August 27) was a beautiful sunny day. We even had our air conditioner running for a good part of the afternoon!

With the cooler packed in the back of the truck, we headed off at 9:00 to Langford to do some shopping. They have a huge shopping area out there...with parking that is much more conducive to parking Buster. It's just too bad it's so far away. About 2 hours later we were done and on our way to meet Dave, Leslie, and Dave's brother John for lunch at Romeo's , Broadmead location. Romeo's pizza is one of the best we've ever had...which I think Dave, John and Steve can attest to. Leslie and I had delicious salads.
We were so happy to be able to have one last visit with Dave and Leslie before they head back to Alberta tomorrow. So wonderful seeing you both...looking forward to seeing you again in Quartzsite sometime this winter.

We were home at 1:30, giving me enough time to unpack and put the groceries away before having to leave for an appointment in Sidney...a final check of my right eye that had the cataract surgery. All is I just have to have the other eye done.

Back home, Steve went out for his beach walk while I fired up the printer to print off a bunch of instructions, equipment requirements and forms that need to be completed for my knee replacement surgery...6 weeks to go!

Wednesday (August 28) was another beautiful sunny day. Steve decided to get out for his walk early before it got too he headed out while I was in the shower.
This was the lowest he has seen the tide since we've been here...
 Not a breath of wind and nice and warm...
Steve's sister and brother-in-law, Nadine and Mike, arrived around 10:30 and we sat outside visiting for a bit before we all got into their car and headed off to the airport. This time, though, we're only going there to have lunch. You may recall our disastrous flight home from Winnipeg when our 10:50 a.m. flight was delayed until 4 p.m. and we were given food vouchers from Air Canada...well, we both still had a few left so we thought we'd use them today.
I must say it was hard being at the airport and not flying off somewhere...oh well....we enjoyed lunch and then stopped at a local farm market to pick up some fresh corn-on-the-cob and other veggies on our way home.

Back home, Steve took Mike and Nadine for a walk down to the oceanfront while I settled in the shade outside with my knitting. Once they got back, we all sat chatting for another half hour or so and then Mike and Nadine were off home...(Nadine didn't want to climb the rock for the views)...
I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the education video on knee replacement (a requirement before the surgery) and filling out forms...and organizing lab requisitions with reminders of what has to be done and when...whew!

Thursday (August 29) morning Angie dropped Conner and Bryce off around 7:20. We offered to look after them today while she returns to work....yes, school is starting next week and like most teachers, she has to start back a few days before the students.

After a breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes, Grampa and the boys headed off for a hike through the forest and up onto the rocks bluffs that have a great view...

....and then walked through the bog trail trail to the beach trail.
Grampa asked the boys if they thought they could walk all the way to the campground at Island View Beach and they said yes and did it. Bryce said he was tired but then they both ran ahead about a 1/4 mile ahead of Grampa!
 First time seeing a horse at the beach...
 Time to head across the logs to the beach...
Love this selfie!
Horse in the background...

Gramma was left behind to do the dishes and clean up.

Once back, they had a bit of rest, drank some water...and then we all got on our bikes and rode around the RV park numerous times. So glad Angie was able to get the boy's bikes into the trunk of the car! They got well used today! Grampa taught them to read the stop signs, look both ways and use the proper hand signals. It's very hilly where they live so they don't get any street experience...
A stop at the playground...

Lunch was Kraft Dinner (good ol' KD!) with hot dogs cut up in it. Steve thanked the boys for coming, he's missed having's been a very long time!

After lunch we went for another bike ride. Steve lifted the bikes over the low fence at the edge of the park and we rode them down to the end of the spit....

 They had originally planned to walk here but decided to ride so I could join them...
We stopped at the beach...Steve, Conner and I sat on a log relaxing while Bryce went looking under rocks for crabs...
The boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the little girl next door...mainly riding bikes and playing at the playground...while Gramma and Grampa relaxed. It was another beautiful sunny day but the breeze was chilly so I had to put a sweater on. I eventually followed the sun and moved my chair out of the shade.

By late afternoon, it just got too chilly so we all headed was time to just relax until Mom came. Grampa making Bryce laugh as they played a game...
While Conner relaxed playing a game on his tablet...
It was around 5:30 when Angie pulled in. After a quick visit, Steve helped her load the bikes back into the car...and with big hugs, they said goodbye.  A fun day with our grandchildren!

Friday (August 30) was one of those days that just zipped by...and we really didn't do much! We seemed to be kept busy doing odds and ends all morning. Steve also got out for his daily walk...
James Island shrouded in fog...
 Bald Eagle watches cautiously as a lady approaches with her two Saint Bernards...
 It didn't seem to care about the dog below...
 On my return it didn't want its' picture taken so took off...
After lunch Steve decided to go into Sidney to see if he could find a spring for his recliner chair. It broke last week and finding a replacement seems to be a bit of a challenge. He can order a set of springs from a furniture store for $35 which seems pretty expensive. Before he committed, he went to several hardware and automotive supply stores with no luck...all too big or too small. He came home having purchased some RV cleaning products but no spring. He also ran into Rob, Angie and the kids in the bowling alley. He had parked the truck to go into Lordco and when he came out, he heard a voice yelling "Dad!" So he went and watched the family bowl for a bit.

While he was gone, I was online with Verizon. I suspended our prepaid unlimited plan when we left the US last April and based on information I received then, I will be able to go online and add funds to reactivate our account. Although we're not going down until November, I just wanted to check on our account. Well... I couldn't get signed into our account and after "chatting" online using FB Messenger, I found out that our account had been deleted after 90 days of inactivity...sheesh! I was  afraid of that! So...we lost our phone number and our Unlimited Data plan with no speed throttling. And that plan is no longer offered...Drats! We'll have to decide on a plan when we get down into the US in late November.

And that was pretty much our week...


  1. Busy times! Wonderful birthday and grandson time! I’ll bet you’re looking forward to getting the surgery over with. Bummer about the phone plan. I swear they do those things on purpose sometimes.

    1. Yes, looking forward to having the surgery and rehab all over with...and heading south! Hope we see you in Q this year!

  2. Great prank and great time with the family! Looking forward to seeing you this winter, it has been too long! Oh, we will be in Klamath Falls mid September to mid October if you are passing through.....

    1. Unfortunately we won't be leaving here until around the end of November. I have six weeks of rehab on my knee after surgery before we can leave.
      Looking forward to seeing you in Q!

  3. The boys are growing so quickly! Beautiful family all around. Glad Steve had a happy birthday! I feel your pain about the phone plan. Hope the search for a replacement gets quick results.

    1. We're amazed at how quickly they are growing! Conner is starting grade 1 this week and Bryce Junior Kindergarten. We're enjoying being able to spend so much time with them!

  4. The prank was cool thing to do lol...I wouldn't have the guts to pull it off in public. Great day with the boys, bet they slept a little better after all the outdoor play time and walks. Unfortunate about the phone plan, Telus has an unlimited data plan now that we are going to try to get cheaper than advertised. Likely still more than the US carriers.

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed about the Verizon plan but kinda figured it would happen. They still have good unlimited plans and we'll decide on one once we are closer to heading south...but will again have to go through the hassel of letting everyone know our new USA phone number.

  5. Great times with your grandsons Boy have they grown. Nice you can do stuff with them like biking. That was quite the prank ...great that the staff at McDonalds had no problem with it.

    1. Yes, McDonald was very good about it. My silly SIL...she's a character!