Wednesday, February 15, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had a beautiful clear blue sky today and only a light breeze. The forecast had been for increased wind with gusts as high as 20 mph by 10:00 but it didn't happen...thank goodness! Steve didn't want strong winds to hamper his plan for today...install the new slide toppers.

Just before 10:00 Earl and Harry arrived to help Steve with the project. They started with the bedroom slide. Good thing Harry is tall. Harry fed the topper to Earl who fed the material into the slots and Steve pulled it along...

Once it was centered I ran the slide in and out a couple of times while they made adjustments. Steve then reinstalled a screw into the topper rail to lock it in place...
Onto the kitchen slide...

Art even popped over to lend a hand if needed...
Steve laid the last topper on top of the now complete kitchen slide making it easier for Earl to feed it to Steve on the last slide...
This is a wider slide so Steve had to get onto the roof to feed his side along, while Harry did the other side...

About an hour later, with the new toppers in place, Harry and Steve took a break in the shade, while Earl and Art headed home.
The last thing to do was reinstall the anti billow devices. Because the width of the newer toppers will be different then the originals the mounting holes don't match up so new ones have to be drilled. The anti billow devices are mounted so that they are in the 12 to 1 o'clock position with the slides in.

Voila! The material from Tough Top Awnings is heavier than the factory ones. We replaced our biggest topper a couple of years ago and so far it's held up well. They claim you can do the install with only one person but we couldn't imagine doing that. It's best with two and a third is better. The material for theses 3 toppers cost us $412.16 US.

With the project all finished, Harry also headed home. Thanks so much for your help, Earl, Harry and Art!

After lunch we decided to hop on our quads and take a ride down to see the Fergs...Allen and Donna. We had a lovely visit with them and then returned home. I sat outside in the shade while Steve edited a blog I had worked on earlier.

We ended the afternoon sitting outside enjoying a bevie...the end to another fast day here on the desert. Time is slipping by so quickly....


  1. Good to know a few people who know how to do this when the time comes!!!

  2. John and two friends did this same thing when we were here in Tucson last year. I can't imagine one person doing it alone but it was very smooth with three. The new toppers are great and so much quieter with the heavier material. As a matter of fact, one of the guys ordered the new toppers and the fellows did his MH, too! Thank goodness for handy men:)

    1. It's really a fairly easy job as long as you have a few extra hands. I found the worst part was cleaning and treating all the rubber seals.

  3. Nice job! Hopefully we won't need to do that for a few years!

    1. Thanks! We moved into our rig 7 years ago this month. We replaced the largest topper in year 5 and a couple of the others should have been done then too. We hope these new ones last longer than the factory ones.