Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 7, 8 and 9, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was a beautiful day Tuesday with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures...but...it was also very windy! I must say that the wind gets very tiring...I don't mind a breeze, especially when it's hot out, but sustained winds at 10 to 20 mph...well, sheesh!

Last night at around midnight Steve woke up to the fridge's warning beep...it was out of propane (only happens when you're sound asleep!!). So he got up and had to change the tanks. Sheesh!

Shortly before 10:00 Steve headed into town...in addition to propane and drinking water, he had a couple of other stops to make. While he was gone, I finished cleaning up inside and got started on making the sauce for lasagna. A couple of hours later when Steve pulled in, I had the lasagna made, some grain-free herbed focaccia bread in the oven and I was going through my recipes looking for something to make for dessert.

After putting the propane tank away, Steve immediately got to work on a couple of maintenance issues. First he replaced the anti siphon trap vent device (ASTVD). For a long time we've occasionally experienced a foul smell from our kitchen grey tank. Also a few weeks ago the kitchen sink wouldn't drain because the grey tank was full and we discovered water running on the floor from under the kitchen counter cabinet. Basically this device allows air into the drainage system but prohibits air/odors passing out of the system into the RV.
It's such an easy fix Steve should have done it ages ago. Unscrew the old one...

...and screw in the new one. The only difficult part was taking the shelving apart in the kitchen cabinet to get access to it...

Next was replacing the propane detector that was 7 years old. Apparently these are suppose to be replaced every 5 years...oops! Should have been easy right. Well of course they didn't include the special mounting screws! Steve had a variety of small screws but after a couple of attempts was unable to clip the detector onto the now mounted base because the screw heads were in the way. Out came the drill so that he could bevel out the mounting holes so that the screw heads were now flush with the mounting base.

Shortly after 5:00, Earl and Allison arrived...they wanted to see our 'Africa Adventure' pictures on "the big screen". So, with the laptop plugged into the TV, we started reliving our four-week vacation...that seems so long ago now.  Imagine that...somebody actually wanted to see family vacation pictures!

About an hour or so later, we put our vacation pictures on hold and sat down to a lasagna, Caesar salad and 'herbed focaccia bread' dinner...
Then it was back to pictures...and a few hours later, as a few yawns were starting (it was going on 9:30 after all), pictures were done and our company headed home.

Wednesday morning we didn't wake up until 7:10...can't remember the last time we slept in that late! It was even daylight out...LOL!

We had a pretty relaxing day...it was beautiful, warm...and no (or little) wind! Steve puttered around with a few other little fixes, crossing them off his "to-do list", while I did some odds and ends as well.

Once we were finished, we spent the afternoon relaxing in the shade...I had my knitting and Steve had his magazines.

We enjoyed a quiet happy hour together....

...as the sun went down, producing another gorgeous sunset....

Thursday was laundry day...it was a warm, sunny day...perfect for drying laundry on the clothesline! So shortly after 9:30, Steve loaded the bags into the truck for me and I headed off. Things have quietened down significantly around Quartzsite so I wasn't worried about parking the truck. When I arrived, Earl and Allison were already there and had their laundry going...Earl greeted me and helped carry my bags of laundry in....thanks, Earl! Just over an hour later, I was back home with bags of clean, wet laundry...time to hang everything on the line.

While I was doing that, Steve filled the fresh water tank and puttered around outside. An email came in saying that his shipment from Tough Top Awnings had arrived, so he took off back into town to pick it up. We have three slide toppers that are in rough shape and need replacing so that's a job for next week.

After lunch, we settled into our chairs in the shade behind the trailer...Steve read while I knitted...although I was up and down constantly checking the laundry on the line. They really don't take long to dry.

Just after 3:00 we started getting things prepared for our final RV-Dreamers happy hour gathering. Steve moved the truck...this time we didn't need it for a wind break, instead he was trying to create some shade. It was a very hot day...up into the mid 80'sF (high 20'sC).

Twelve of us managed to form a circle in the shade that the truck provided. We enjoyed lots of good food while chatting...lots of great RV stories and adventures!
Dave and Diane... Blog: Dave and Diane throwing caution to the wind
 Allen and Donna...Blog: RVing With The Fergs
Dale and Ruth...
Sue and Les...Blog: Rambling RV Rat
Vicki and Harry...Blog: goingmobileblog
As the sun went down, Steve brought out the Campfire-In-A-Can...more for ambiance than for warmth...

Shortly after 7:30 everyone started to head off...another great evening with great friends. Howard and Linda Payne of RV-Dreams are considering a rally "out west" next spring. The educational rallies and information they provide for full-time RVer's is excellent...and the 'RV family' they have created is amazing. Many new lifelong friendships have been made as we enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.


  1. sounds like you have been busy keeping Steve 'out of trouble'!!..the never ending 'honey do list'

    1. Yes, for sure...glad he's been able to get to it. There's always something that needs to be done!

  2. Awesome post...as it once again gave me another item on the 2 do list. Seems we get a foul ofor from the kitchen gray tank and I guess we will be looking for a new anti siphon tank vent device to replace the old one!
    Thand again for hosting the HH...Great time as usual!

  3. Glad the weather warmed up for you. Too bad about the wind though. Girls leave tomorrow. This week sure flew by fast. Ray does need a few days off to get his back in shape for travelling to our next destination. Still quite a bit to see in Vegas for us though so if not this time we will do it next time.

  4. Such a fun evening, love sharing stories and laughs. Sad to say goodbye to our RV Dreamer friends for this winter in Q. Looking forward to future meet ups down the road.

    1. The time has flown by. Safe travels and we'll see you next season!

  5. Nice to get together with everyone one last time, it looks as though a few of them are moving on soon. You guys should probably think about hitting the road yourself, I hear there is some nice desert camping outside of Tucson!

    1. We've heard it's very busy there with some questionable characters living in rigs with plastic bags for Windows! 😜