Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (Coquitlam, BC)

Our day started off with some noisy crows making a ruckus outside our bedroom window at 5:30...sheesh! Steve was up first, put the coffee on and was watching the morning news when I came down.

We chatted with Chris and Angela as they got ready for work...and then at 8:00, they headed off. Thanks for all your hospitality, guys! I said..."see you in September"...well, apparently it was going to be a lot sooner than that!

After the kids left, we had a bite to eat and then Steve went up for his shower. He was anxious to get out and wash the truck before we was dirty from the rainy trip last Friday but it was now extra dirty with all the bug splatters on the front.

While he as doing that, I showered and packed and then sat down at the laptop to take care of some banking before we head into "no-internet" land.

Shortly after 10:30, we said goodbye to Luigi (Angela's dad) who had come over to work on the sundeck expansion. Our first stop was in Abbotsford to fuel up with diesel...and as we exited the freeway the exhaust brake came on and that old familiar squeal raised it's ugly head again. Needless to say, the air in the truck was rather "blue"! The squeal was short but enough to get Steve totally frustrated...and exasperated enough to call Dave at Gold Key. Obviously, he wasn't a 'happy camper' either. Not wanting to 'test' it by continuing towards Tunkwa, we went back to Langley. Of course on our return, the squeal never returned. Steve was certain that this was going to be a big waste of time for all concerned but hell, we're not far away so we'll get it checked out. Gold Key was nice enough to rent a car for us this time, so after much discussion, we headed off with the Enterprise Car Rental agent to pick up our Buick.

When we got back to Chris and Angela's place, Luigi was still there, so after bringing our stuff in from the car, Steve changed and went out to give him a hand with the deck. It turned out that Luigi was just finishing I think instead of helping, they did more chatting.

While Steve was outside talking to Luigi, Dave from Gold Key called...I could tell my Steve's demeanor that he wasn't happy. Well, I guess as expected they couldn't find anything wrong. They couldn't duplicate the squeal in a road test or in the shop or see any evidence of exhaust soot. So once again until it gets worse we'll have to live with it and do this all over again on our return in September. We've been dealing with two different Isuzu dealers on this issue since 2013 and so far other than fuel costs and our time they are still charging nothing even though my extended warranty expired in January 2015. We are so fed up we would like to try a different diesel engine shop but that would be starting over and would cost us big time.

Shortly after 3:00, Luigi wrapped up his work and headed off. We enjoyed seeing him time we'll have to get together and enjoy a bottle of your great red wine!

Not long after that, the sky darkened and the rain started. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Chris and Angela had dinner plans after work so wouldn't be home until after 7:30.

We head off back to Tunkwa tomorrow...hopefully all goes well!


  1. Frustrating is right! Hopefully it will not return and you will have a "squeal-less" summer.

  2. glad you landed safely back at Tunkwa this afternoon!!! nice to have you back!!