Tuesday, June 14 to Friday, June 24, 2016 (Tunkwa Lake Campground, Tunkwa Provincial Park, Logan Lake, BC)

After spending the day in Logan Lake yesterday, we planned on a relaxing day here at the lake...however, we weren't planning on it being quite as relaxing as it was! Steve was hoping to get out fishing and I wanted to get a nice long walk in with Tucker.

It had been a blustery day yesterday and with calmer winds when we got up this morning, along with some broken clouds, it looked like it was going to be a good day to get outside. However by the time we had done our resistance exercises, showered and had breakfast, the wind had picked up...well, we should still be able to get out for a hike around Leighton Lake. Steve had gotten his new GPS out and we were just about to head out when it started hailing/raining out...that happened to us twice, so we finally resigned ourselves that today was going to be an inside day.
Dark clouds, combined hail and rain, along with wind kept us hunkered down inside with the heater on for most of the day. That's our rig right, centre....

Looking out our back window...
I ended up baking some trail bars and crocheting while Steve read...and snoozed in his chair. Later in the afternoon, we did manage to get out for a bit of a walk...taking Tucker for a walk around the campground.

We woke to clear blue sky and sunshine again Wednesday (June 15) morning, but it was cold...0C/32F! There was even a thick layer of frost on the picnic table. However, like yesterday, the clouds...and wind...soon rolled in.
At 9:30 we were in the truck and on our way to Kamloops for a day of shopping...time to stock up. After a stop at Costco, Walmart and Michaels, we had a late lunch at Montana's and were on our way back home. It was going on 4:00 by the time we got home...wow, where did that day go?!

Thursday started off like yesterday and the day before...clear blue sky and sunshine, eventually turning into a windy, blustery cool day.

However, Steve did manage to get out on the lake for a couple of hours of fishing in the morning. While he did that, I walked to Doug and Sue's to fix a little Excel program problem and then took Tucker for a walk along the trail to Leighton Lake and back.

After chatting with Sue and Doug for a bit when I dropped Tucker off, I headed home to find Steve reading inside out of the wind. Apparently fishing had been slow...only a caught a couple...

About an hour later, Steve asked if I wanted to go for a walk...sure, but it looks a little nasty out there. After trying to determine if the ominous dark clouds were heading our way or not, we decided to go for it anyway. I had the backpack with a couple of bottles of water and our rain ponchos and Steve had his camera...and we were off heading to the trail. This afternoon we are going to hike around Leighton Lake. We walked the trail to Leighton Lake, through the campground, along the trail to North Leighton Campground, through the campground to the trail that leads around the lake.

 Leighton Campground left and Leighton North Campground right...

Friday (June 17) was not unlike all the previous days. Steve decided to get out on the lake fairly early and spent a few hours fishing. As usual, after cleaning up inside, I headed up to Doug and Sue's to gather Tucker so we could go for a walk. I really enjoyed the hike around Leighton Lake, so thought I'd take Tucker on it this morning. We were past North Leighton Campground, walking the trail when we both noticed a couple of coyotes running across the field. They noticed us too and stopped...after having a staring contest for a few minutes, I decided to turn back. We could have been fine proceeding but I wasn't sure how they'd react since I had Tucker...and I didn't want to take any chances.

That afternoon we made a quick trip into Logan Lake...we had to pick up a battery for the smoke detector, fill up a propane tank (yes, we seem to be going through a lot of propane with the cool nights/mornings) and also fill our water containers. I also wanted to check at the post office to see if an envelope from Rob had arrived...it had, thanks, Rob!

When we got back, Steve got to work on making his water bucket mouse trap...yes, we seem to have a mouse problem again. Shortly after turning off the lights last night, Steve heard the snap of the mouse trap...there was also another one in the trap this morning. He cut two water bottles in half, slid one inside the other then inserted a length of doweling. A little water in the pale and some peanut butter on the bottles then a ramp is placed for easy access to dinner and a "final swim." 

With his chores done, we sat outside and enjoyed some later afternoon sunshine...it actually got quite warm so we sat in the shade for a bit... 

Saturday morning was a repeat of so many other mornings...Steve went out fishing and I took Tucker out for a walk. That afternoon I made a pot of chili for dinner and then worked on an excel spreadsheet for Doug and Sue to use here at the park. Steve sat outside reading.

That evening Sue and Doug joined us for dinner and, as usual, we enjoyed a nice visit with them.

Sunday (June 19) was a cloudy cool day. We basically hunkered down inside waiting for it to warm up and then late morning decided to get out for a walk. We stopped and got Tucker and then headed on the trail to Leighton Lake. Once there, instead of turning around, we decided to continue on and walk all the way around the lake.

Seems every time we get a campfire going, the sun comes out!
Monday (June 20) after resistance exercises, showers and breakfast, Steve headed out fishing...and I spent the morning cleaning inside. Once I was finished, I headed up to Sue and Doug's to pick up Tucker for a walk. They had gone into Kamloops this morning and weren't back yet...and I thought they had Tucker with them. Unfortunately, I didn't check in the trailer...he was inside. Sorry Tucker!

When I got home, Steve was there...taking care of a few chores. Fishing has been pretty good for him...he's up to eighteen fish caught! After he had finished his chores, he fired up the laptop to go on the BaseCamp program to map out a route to Greenstone Mountain...he's getting anxious to get out for a quad ride.

While he was doing that, I sat outside trying out a new knitting project. Doug and Sue popped by and we had a nice visit with them...thanks for picking up the boat motor oil for Steve!

There are a group of ATV'ers from the Lower Mainland ATV Club staying at North Leighton Campground that Doug told us about. So we stopped by the other day to introduce ourselves and asked if we could join them on a ride sometime this week. Since we wanted to get out for a ride tomorrow, we drove over for a visit and a chat. About an hour later, we left...we would all be heading out for a ride in the morning.

Tuesday (June 21) we were all ready and on our way over to North Leighton Campground by 9:30. Our planned ride was for 10:00 but we had to off load the quads. We were greeted by Ron and Bel...unfortunately Bel wasn't feeling well today so wouldn't be joining us, but her husband, Ron was all set to go. Six quads were on the ride...Ralph and Steve led the way, followed by Roz, Roz (two Roz's...that's easy), myself and Ron brought up the tail. Not as many pictures on this ride since Steve was up at the front of the pack!

After stopping and conferring with each other at most of the trail/road junctions, Ralph and Steve led us to Greenstone Mountain. We're going way up there! You can barely see the old Ranger Fire Lookout.
Lunch time! From left to right...Ron, Roz, Roz, me and Ralph...

Pretty darn stunning views from up here!
That's Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes in the distance...
Hard to tell in the haze but that's Kamloops below centre left...

Kamloops Lake...

It took us about 2 hours to get there...and only about an hour to get back. Unfortunately, we ran into rain on our way back and had to stop to put our rain gear on. Once back, while still raining we quickly loaded the quads back into the truck and thanked everyone for a great ride. It was truly awesome...nothing like a great day out on the quads!

Wednesday (June 22) was a pretty laid back day. Steve was going to go out fishing but then decided against it, opting instead to go out for a walk with Tucker and I. We thought we would walk around Leighton Lake again...this time going the opposite direction (just for variety, you know!)

Back at home after our walk, we relaxed for the rest of the day. Steve captured these cute fellows sitting on a rock outside our side window...there are tons of marmots in this park!

Thursday (June 23), we were having a very lazy morning (yeah...like that is unusual LOL) when there was a knock on our door. Bel had popped over to say they were going on a quad ride up to Mt. Savona...would we like to join them? YES! So we quickly finished the dishes...and Steve headed out to gas up the quads while I made lunch. Shortly after 10:30 we were on our way over to Leighton North Campground. We off loaded the quads and were ready to head out by 11:00. 

Bel led the way today...with seven quads following...me, Steve, Roz, Roz, Dave, Ralph (with wife Jennifer) and Ron. (Ralph liked Steve's new Garmin Montana 610 GPS so much the other day he went to Kamloops and bought one!) After playing around in the gravel pit for a few minutes, we were on our way over to the power lines...
Bel...with me behind...

 About 45 minutes later we were on top of Mt. Savona...fabulous view of Kamloops Lake...
 Left to right...Bel, Ralph, Jennifer, Steve's quad, me, Roz, Dave, Roz and Ron...

We took a bit of a different route on the way back, connecting with the power lines at a different spot and then once we were almost back at the campground, we made a right (west) and headed along the gas line...
 ...eventually making our way up to a small family cemetery perched on top of another mountain. It was a very cool trail up to the top...

 Another gorgeous view of the valley and the Thompson River...

 And we're off...on our way home...

We got back to the campground at about 2:30 and after loading the quads, we sat with the group and had a nice visit over a bevie. No rain today, so we were able to visit with them all. What another fabulous ride! Thanks so much for including us Belle and Ron! Such a great group of folks...we appreciate being included in your rides! 

And that brings us to today, Friday, June 24...and four weeks since we arrived here at Tunkwa Lake. The weather today is for rain...rain...and a little more rain,..so we decided it would be a good chore day. We loaded laundry into the truck, along with empty water containers and propane tank and headed into Logan Lake. Needless to say, I had a blog to get caught up on...and Steve had a whole lot of blog reading to do!

I got started on laundry while Steve went off and got propane, gas and water. Once the laundry was done, we made a stop at the liquor store, bank and grocery store...and then went to the Black Bull Pub for lunch and to continue getting caught up using their internet.

As we sit inside the pub, it is just pouring out. We missed out on a ride to Savona for lunch with Ron, Belle and the group...hope they made it back safely before the deluge of rain! 

We have decided to stay put until July 11 when we will head down to Merritt for the ATV/BC annual Poker Ride. We missed out on all of the ATV functions last summer...so are really looking forward to seeing everyone!

So far Steve has caught 20 fish, 16 mice, and 2 chipmunks...


  1. nice to get caught up on your blog..seems that Tucker was a common item..he is lucky you are here and so are we!!

  2. Did he catch 16 mice in the bucket contraption? First time I've seen that type of mousetrap!!

  3. Good to see you guys getting out fishing, hiking and quading (between the rain). Looks like a great place that Barb and I would enjoy as well!

  4. Sounds like life for you guys is great ... a little like Q with a side of fishing thrown in. How do you dump your tanks? do you have to go into Logan Lake?

  5. It was great to meet you at Tunkwa and Leighton lake. We heard about the fire after we left. We were very glad they got it under control so fast. I'm Oliver's other half Karherine. Part of the LMATV group, we were only up for the last weekend. Enjoy your travels ! Look forward to meeting you on the trails again someday. ��